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Demi Lovato Covers Adele’s “Hello” & It’s Actually Not That Bad

demi lovato fall ball

I love Adele and will stan for 25 when it comes out, I’m sure, but I don’t necessarily drink the tea so much that I think she’s the best vocalist to ever grace the earth or half the shit everyone else seems to say about her. She seems really laid back and down-to-earth and she’s tremendously talented, so she’s alright by me, but she’s still a regular old human being. That being said, I also think her songs are untouchable and that other artists really shouldn’t be trying to cover them, for the most part. Demi Lovato felt “confident” (get it?) enough to go there, however, and she decided to perform a rendition of “Hello” at the KISS 106 Fall Ball in Seattle on Friday night. And you know what? It’s not half bad.

Demi delivers a really emotional performance and her voice is pretty on point, even if she does get a bit screamy sometimes. I expected to totally hate this and think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, but I actually thought it was rather impressive and she did a good job with it. Does it touch the original? Obviously not. But as Adele covers go, I think she should be proud of it.

What do you think?

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  • as far as Hello covers go, I think hers is one of the best… and I’m normally not a Demi fan, I can’t stop watching it, it’s that good