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Nicki Minaj’s Ex Wants Her Money, Of Course

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Nicki Minaj was with her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, also known as SB, for close to 10 years before breaking up back in 2014. She’s moved on and seems to be quite happy with her new boyfriend, Meek Mill (who’s in no way worthy of her, but whatever), and apparently that’s too much for SB to handle. You see, he used to be her assistant and her hype man as well as her lover, and now that their relationship has ended, he has no source of income. The easiest way to get it? Sue Nicki and demand money from all three of her albums by claiming you were “involved” with making them. UGH, these pathetic ass dudes.

From TMZ:

Sources connected with Safaree tell us he wants a cut from 3 of Nicki’s hugely successful albums — The Pink Print, Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Safaree also wants a piece of the pie from some of Nicki’s biggest singles, including “Only” featuring Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne, “Flawless (Remix)” with Beyonce and “Feeling Myself” with Bey.

We’re told Safaree will present a boatload of proof he was super involved in Nicki’s work. His evidence includes videos of him working with Nicki, voice memos from recording sessions, hours of footage from studio sessions. He says he also has multiple witnesses to validate his contribution.

And Safaree says Nicki herself acknowledged his contribution by giving him executive producer credit on her first 2 albums.

Our sources say Safaree has already lawyered up and a lawsuit is “imminent.”

Let me say this. ANYONE – male or female – who sues their famous ex for money, claiming they’re entitled to it because they don’t have a career of their own and don’t want to get a real fucking job need to get out of my face. How can this dude look himself in the mirror knowing that he’s that desperate that he needs to take down a woman he used to supposedly love and try to take what she’s worked so hard to earn? Absolutely pathetic.

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  • That’s a loser who never really love the woman only for money, he needs to be a man and stand on his owe feet, Nicki has work hard for what she has an no one should demand anything from her and nicki this is a lesson do not collaborate with No one period.

  • I agree with you about Safaree what type of man would do this to a woman he was with for so long although he has gotten a lump some of money from her already. Why is he acting like he is trying to destroy her life? Is this revenge on her? I think he is holding a grudge and hopes that he can make her life bitter or miserable. This man needs to get over her and move on he should of controlled his lust for other women and been faithful. Meek has realized her value, and he are straight up in love with their relationship. Safaree even put hand on her and pull out a gun on her in the studio according to Herb on Sway. He has been in several relationship since they have broken up without actually giving them girls a 100% chance of a relationship without throwing some shots at Nicki for leaving him. O.k. it is time to move on Safaree. It is too late for Safaree he said he walked out but why is he so messed up and need a psychiatrist help. What he is doing is spiteful torturing her with his selfishness. It is time for him to find happiness it is over he waited too long to admit his feeling for her when tried to acknowledge it in his song–Love the Most I think it was but who cares. He’s a stupid hoe