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Your Daily Gosling

Youth of America? Ryan Gosling thinks you’re all pretty much assholes, OK? And since he is the one spending extended periods in Thailand and still having wild, animalistic sex with Eva Mendes and you’re not, we should probably take his word for it. All together now: assssssssshollllllllllllles.

From the Huff Po:

#ReGENERATION,” produced and narrated by Ryan Gosling, is a documentary that takes a look at how political apathy among young people ultimately contributed to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The film explores the widespread cynicism of today’s younger generations and features some of the worlds leading scholars, activists, and media personalities, including Andrew Bacevich, Noam Chomsky, Talib Kweli, Kalle Lasn, Amy Goodman, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9), and the late Howard Zinn. Those featured share insights on how the seedlings of ideas can transform into inspiring movements and incite change.

“#ReGENERATION” explores how education, parenting, and media can shape society, as the film traces the influence of these institutions on the generation’s collective culture.

Each group the film features brings their own unique perspective to the forefront, from an inspired collective of musicians working outside the corporate system to a twenty-something conservative family about to welcome the birth of their second child. A group of five high-school students from the suburbs looking for their place in society is also profiled.

“#ReGENERATION” will have a limited release in theaters on May 3. It will also be available OnDemand and and in theaters anywhere across the country via crowd-sourced screenings at

Me, I’m just so glad he’s so politically savvy and in-the-know. He’s not just another pretty face, like so many who’ve come before. And that there’s a trendy hashtag in the film’s title. Fab. All of this information, it helps me sleep at night, because I know there’re people out there thinking my thoughts for me, just like Ryan Gosling. Who apparently wants – desperately – to be the next Don Juan George Politico Clooney DeMarco.

… I know. I know. This post was extra-wickedly-and-unnecessarily snarky, and for that, I apologize*. I’m sure it has all to do with the fact that he is still dating Eva Mendes, and hasn’t come to the conclusion that I’d be a much, much better pairing for him. Forgive me, Ryan, for I have sinned.

*I actually think the everything about the documentary looks thoughtful and beautiful. But sometimes I just need to blow off some Eva Mendes-steam, and this is how it comes out once in awhile, I guess. I don’t think I genuinely meant one of the mean things I said about him, OK? I’m sure it’s just the hurt talking, guys.

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  • i can’t stand his speaking voice, just sayin’. but nekkid? – surrrrre, gimmee the gosling! OK fully dressed would do too. just keep ya mouf shut, kid. side note, it’s true our generation sucks & i see what they did there; using a dude with influence & swagger so that quite possibly the kids & semi-young peeps will LISTEN UP.