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Your Daily (Heartbreaking) Gosling

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Did you guys hear? That rumor that was flying around yesterday about Eva and Ryan calling it quits? It’s totally not true, I guess. According to Us:

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail claimed that the lusted-after actor, 31, was mulling a breakup with girlfriend Eva Mendes –and took a top-secret trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where he allegedly was spotted having a sexy dinner date with a sexy blonde German model.

But a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly that Gosling and his Place Beyond the Pines costar, 38, are doing just fine; Mendes rep also slammed any split talk to the Daily Mail. As for Gosling’s supposed jaunt to South Africa?

As blog Lainey Gossip points out, Gosling never left Bangkok, Thailand, where he’s been filming Only God Forgives for over a month; indeed, Mendes was photographed with her man in Bangkok on Thursday.

It was also confirmed by one of our readers, too, who said, “False rumor. It seems to be a mix up with Gosling/Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds was filming in Cape Town 2011 and has been seen in photos with a german model …”

Ugh. I feel indigestion coming on. Do you want to hear (or rather, see) something else that’s just as equally heartbreaking? Check out this poster:

photo of ryan gosling walt poster pictures walt disney biopic pic
I KNOW. When I first saw this, I was all like ‘Yes! Oh, my God! OK! I’m so behind this!’ but then I did a little more investigating, and found out that the poster – the awesome, endearing movie poster above – is a fake. A farce. A fraud. Yes, the unborn concept of Ryan Gosling starring as Walt Disney in a Disney biopic is strictly fiction. As it turns out, a man by the name of Pascal Witaszek, who is a French graphic designer, came up with the concept of this poster and naturally, it went viral. And now that I find it’s just not true, my heartbreak this afternoon resonates even deeper. If you actually zoom in on the poster, you can see that Witaszek chose a whole slew of people to act in the film, and if this film were an actual reality, it’d be the smash hit of … I don’t know, probably f-cking ever. Others in the flick included Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor, and Marion Cotillard. And … lol … Matthew Fox. Random, but OK. I guess the Fox thing was how we just *know* that the project’s a fake, because come on.

I don’t know, though, guys. This whole post is just far too much disappointment to take on a Monday afternoon. I think I might have to go and take a Motrin and a nap or something. Things are bound to get better from here, right?

Ryan & Eva image courtesy of PopSugar