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Stars Without Makeup: Janice Dickinson’s Plastic Surgery is Real Apparent

photo of janice dickinson no makeup pictures photos pics
Wait, my bad: is that Steven Tyler? Or is it Julia Roberts? I just don’t even know, guys! All of these celebrities and their zany plastic surgery choices, it’s hard to tell them apart anymore. But if you thought it was either Steven or Julia, you’d be wrong. It’s definitely Janice Dickinson, and she definitely looks worse for the wear.

I could talk about all sorts of things here to try and distract everyone from what’s going on with her face – like that one time when her dentures fell out during dinner, or how she only dates men that’ve had as much (if not more) plastic surgery as she has, or even how she called Tyra Banks fat that one time. Janice is so sparkly-multi-faceted that it’s really hard to focus on just one aspect of her persona, and to try and define her through the various facial enhancements that she’s undergone is only an insult to her and supermodel-dom alike.

And speaking of how talented and innovative she is, Janice is currently planning a reality show of her own called Sober Model House. Sounds just great, doesn’t it? And the reason behind it? Because she says that far too many models have issues with substances and the like and it’ll be an empowering thing to be able to raise these ladies right:

“It will help models get sober because the industry is so messed up. Fortunately, my own daughter is 17 and doesn’t want to be a model. She is far too smart.”

So far there’ve been no network pickups on her series, and isn’t that a shame.

But hang on a second. Before I let you go, let’s look at a photo of Janice makeup-free one more time, shall we?:

photo of janice dickinson pictures photos no makeup pics photos
Right. Totally normal and even-keeled and not-at-all disturbed. Looks to me like Janice herself might need a sober model house, right?

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