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What the Hell Happened to Ashley Judd’s Face?

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See this face? This is Ashley Judd‘s face, most recently taped on the Marilyn Denis show out of Toronto, Canada. And I’m confused, because one of the the last times we talked about Ashley Judd here on the site, this is pretty much what she looked like:

photo of ashley judd skinny face pictures photos hot pic
And now? Well. Not so much, eh? And naturally, my inquisitive side comes out and I have to ask – is it age? I mean, girlfriend’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore – she’ll turn 44 next month – and while that’s not precisely a reason to look so … full-faced, the possibility of plastic surgery or other facial enhancements would kind of make sense, now, wouldn’t it? Experts are saying that Ashley may have been hitting the facial fillers hard, and the end result seems to be that she pulled a Beyonce and tried for that Prednisone-swell that automatically makes people think “Pregnant!” But she’s not. At least not that we’re aware of.

But anyway, we shouldn’t be considering girlfriend’s face for too much here. She’s got big things going on! You know, like her new show, Missing, which is about a CIA operative’s wife whose son disappears after embarking on a study abroad program.

From the Huffington Post:

Ashley Judd stars as Becca Winstone, a single mother left widowed after her husband CIA agent Paul Winstone (Sean Bean) is murdered right in front of their eight-year-old son, Michael (Nick Eversman). Now, her son is all grown up and, at 18, wants to travel the world and study abroad. When he disappears, Becca heads to Rome to investigate things herself, and that’s where the adventure begins. Paul wasn’t the only CIA agent in the family — Becca is soon calling on old agency friends and hitting roadblocks along the way (like Dax Miller, played by Cliff Curtis) as she travels across Europe to get her son back.

Sounds, um, good. And Sean Bean‘s in it, so how could it not be OK?

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  • Whoa. She is definitely one of those women that looks much older with fillers. If done in moderation, they are great. However, she looks like she went overboard and now has some sort of old puffy face going on. Not cute Ashley. You look younger and better without them.

  • She was beautiful once. Now it is difficult for me to see recent photos. I doubt she will ever look like she used to. Sad! Stay away from the docs, Ashley.

  • Totally looks like the results of being on prednisone (steroid medication) for some time.

    Either way, she is pretty and a great actress.

    • I’ve been on prednisone for the last 7 months and my face hasn’t done anything that extreme (a little swelling, not that bad though). It looks to me like she went to the same doctor as Lindsay Lohan and got her face injected with whatever they use and now she looks like an chubby, overdone old lady with kabuki makeup on.

  • So confused by Ashley’s puffy once gorge face. Just saw her on Live with Kelly. Her body language and odd posture lead me to wonder. Really, ( and I do hope she is!), pregnant!?

  • It doesn’t look like weight gain. If anything, she looks like she’s been hitting the bottle. I’ve got an acquaintance that drinks too much and her face is puffy like this too. Any chance Judd is a alcoholic?

  • This is what happens when celebrities are confused. Instead of having that beautiful look she had before, she turned into something from a horror movie. And all that because of some strange thinking that some chemical filler will make you look younger. Never thought she was one of the confused celebrities.

  • You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously. It looks like weight gain. And what difference does it make anyways? She’s a great actress..she’s not a model. Don’t you people have anything better to do than criticize someone’s face? PATHETIC. You don’t even know her (I don’t either), so how would you know she has had plastic surgery?

  • It’s from PREDNISONE you jerks. She has an autoimmune disease and prednisone is a steroid used to save lives in patients with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases. It cruelly causes weight gain no matter how much dieting and exercise you do and it’s terrible for you all to pick her apart like this. She looks stunning, especially for someone who is so devastatingly ill! My source is her blog.

  • She said it was “cold medication”. The picture freaked me out. And whatever happened to “Missing”? Seems it went missing. I remember her translucent beauty in “Ruby in Paradise.” I think that was her screen debut. I saw her in Star Trek once.

  • Ashley is among many of us battling diseases, i.e. Lupus…whether or not that fits her.

  • I am watching Berlin Station season 2 filmed in 2017, as 2018 her face is puffy, swollen, her ears are huge.
    Could not recognize her.
    What fillers she used on her face, she looks like a stone face with the botox.