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Scott Disick Schools Khloe Kardashian

A photo of Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick

This is really bizarre, ok? Are you ready for it?

Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick had a minor spat on Khloe’s radio show in Dallas. That’s nothing new, of course. What is new, however, is that I am taking Scott’s side. Crazy, right? Just check out what went down:

Khloe Kardashian is a fan favorite, but she may have lost herself some followers when she used a gay slur during her March 8 “Mix Up w/ Khloe Kardashian Odom” radio show!

Khloe, 27, said the word on her program “Mix Up w/ Khloe Kardashian Odom” on Dallas radio stationMix 102.9. Kardashian family mainstay Scott Disick called in for an interview, and it was fun until Khloe made a VERY inappropriate comment while talking about Scott, 28, and his accessory choices.

“What kind of homo are you?” she asked. “Seriously? That is not what men…a straight man doesn’t carry a Birkin Bag.”

Scott quickly took offense to the statement, retorting, “Listen to me. First of all, you shouldn’t say homo on the radio. It’s not a bad thing to be a homosexual. You’re making it sound like a negative thing. Third I’m not a homosexual. Fourth, I didn’t come out of the closet. It’s a man bag.”

Instead of hanging her head in shame, Khloe then dug herself deeper on the issue, saying, “First of all, let me just tell you: I am the queen of my gay community which I love and adore. And I promote doing the tranny look-alike contest. I am queen bee over here so don’t even try it.”

Of course Khloe Kardashian is my favorite Kardashian, and I think Scott’s a major asshole, though lately he seems to be getting his life together. That’s what makes this so weird, the role reversal. I wouldn’t have thought that Khloe and Scott would ever have an exchange where I went “wow, Khloe, you need to take a listen to Scott Disick,” but I just did.

I mean, besides the obvious offensive slur, it’s just so insanely immature to call a dude a homo for carrying a purse. I get wanting to rag on somebody, but come up with a better way to do it that I didn’t hear about a zillion times in middle school, and maybe focus on something that doesn’t offend the community of which you claim to be the queen. Also, if you’re going to pick on a guy, don’t pick on him for being smart enough to understand the amazing convenience of the purse. It just doesn’t makes sense.

What do you guys think? Scott totally comes out of this looking like the better person, am I right? Does that blow your mind as much as it blows mine?

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  • I always cringe if I see a boy with a Birkin, especially if it’s bigger than mine. Here’s my 5 cents: Khloe knows Scott inside out, and the way she spoke to him reflected that. Plus, she didn’t actually say anything offensive, did she? I didn’t hear it so it may have been the tone she used, but in print it looks like a mocking statement that is being blown out of proportion by everyone.

  • I just really enjoy how he can’t count from one to three, bless him.
    I don’t think she meant to be particularly offensive, just being a bit dim perhaps? But yes I actually agree with Scott as well. When I’m taking American Psycho’s side in an argument you know you’ve crossed the line.

  • No what khole said was wrong. She should have just apologized on the spot then it wouln’t have be an issue. If she would have used any other minority group, lets just say she used the n word, it would have been a shit storm! Then she would have used some BS justification…that somehow she is the queen of that group too! I’m sure you follow my thinking.

    Yes Scott’s a jerk but the more I hear about the kardashian clan the more I feel bad for Scott, Lamar and anyone else.

  • Bollocks to her and her fucking “I have a gay friend so the homophobic shit I just said isn’t homophobic” card. The use of the word “tranny” is fucking awful as well, what an absolute twat. I like Scott Disick because he’s an absolute troll, and I thought she was kind of okay but she just showed her true colours. Wearing a Birkin, or any kind of satchel, is not indicative of anyone’s sexuality, and anyway even if it were, being gay isn’t bad. What a twattish thing to do.

  • oh come’s not like she called him a faggot or a cum guzzler. It wasn’t in the best taste, no, but to compare “homo” to “the n-word” is just stupid.

    And I think Scott is hilarious.

  • I like men with purses and in skirts (kilts don’t count). I also like Scott. I think he’s cocky, funny and dresses pretty sharp. But save your racial/gender/sexual identity slurs for behind closed doors kids. (That was suppose to be funny. Hopefully, you don’t use them at all and that you’re not just conforming to societal norms in public and a jack-ass when no one’s looking.)

  • I think Scott is very good looking. Over the years this fat ass has been so nasty to him and he takes it, probably for the sake of Kourtney. I hope what she considers her gay community to be, listened up and saw her true colors.