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Kourtney Kardashian Dumped Scott Disick, Finally

scott disick kourtney kardashian

It could hardly wait until tomorrow to announce that it seems Kourtney Kardashian got a brain in her head and has FINALLY decided to dump Scott Disick for his partying and cheating ways. Only took her, what, the better part of a decade? I feel like homegirl has been living in denial for a long ass time, but now that there’s actually picture evidence of his wandering eyes, she kinda had to face the facts and realize he’s not interested in being a partner or a father, really. Thank God she never agreed to marry him. And now it’s OVER.

Our well-placed sources — and they’re solid — tell us Scott hasn’t come home to the family house in Calabasas in over a month and Kourtney lost her patience.

As one source put it, “His partying lately has made her make this tough decision.”

We’re told Kourtney is also frustrated with Scott’s friends — and believes they’re enabling his substance abuse.

Scott and Kourtney have been together since 2006. They have 3 kids together.

It’s well-documented that Kourtney and Scott have been rocky over the years — but we’re told, “but now, after 3 kids, it’s gotten old and she has to do what’s best for the kids.”

I mean, look – I shouldn’t really judge anyone else’s relationship. Kourtney obviously had her reasons for desperately trying to make it work with this loser, but he’s literally the biggest waste of space (and money) out there. Her kids might not understand why Daddy has been kicked to the curb, though it’ll be easier to explain that then why he hasn’t come home to see them in over a month because he’d rather drink and hit on other women. Just let this SERIOUSLY be over.

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Scott Disick Is Totally Cheating On Kourtney Kardashian

scott disick cheating

Raise you’re hand if you’re surprised by this news: Scott Disick seems to be cheating on Kourtney Kardashian with a 32-year-old Chloe Bartoli, a “celebrity stylist” who happens to be his ex. These aren’t just baseless rumours, either – there are actually photos of them cuddling up in Monte Carlo, while the mother of his children is at home raising them in California. Keep it classy, Disick!

From TMZ:

Kourtney Kardashian is telling friends she has no doubt … Scott Disick is hooking up with the chick he was all handsy with in Monte Carlo, but she’s also deeply worried he’s lapsed and fallen back into substance abuse.

Our sources say Kourtney believes the woman, celebrity stylist Chloe Bartoli, is an opportunist and taking advantage of Scott, whom Kourtney believes is getting wasted again. We’re told she knows Chloe and, as we reported, Scott knows her as well … they even dated.

Our sources say Kourtney’s sisters have the same view as her and on Friday they all went from simmer to boil, targeting their anger at both Scott and Chloe.

Kourtney hasn’t made any decisions about the fate of her relationship with Scott, but we’re told it’s already in a “fragile state.”

Well, that’s lovely. Just a word to all the mothers and fathers out there: Can you please make sure to teach your sons not to treat women like shit, and treat your daughters to have enough self-respect to never be the “other woman” for the sake of money or fame (or even just attention)? Jesus. This whole thing is a mess, but considering Kourtney has not only not left his ass after the INSANE bullshit he’s pulled over the years, but she’s continued having kids with him, I guarantee you this will blow over within the span of two episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

scott disick cheating

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Scott Disick quits rehab, goes to the club

scott disick

Scott Disick‘s addiction to alcohol (and drugs, one would assume) recently hit fever pitch, leading him to seek “unconventional” rehab in the form of hallucinogenics down in Costa Rica. While you would think the completely lax approach would be more to Scott’s liking, apparently tripping balls in the jungle wasn’t quite chill enough for him, because he’s quit his rehab and decided to just go clubbing instead.

Scott Disick’s officially ditched rehab in Costa Rica … so he can spend quality time at the local nightclubs.

Disick was spotted hanging near the bar in a club called Rouge on Saturday night. Sporting a black tee and ball cap … Scott seemed like he was trying to keep a low profile — but hanging with a big bodyguard in purple ain’t exactly inconspicuous.

Witnesses tell us he also hit up a spot called Vertigo.

TMZ broke the story … Scott bailed on the Costa Rican rehab program after less than a week. He’s coming back to the states, and already has club gigs booked back here.

Wow, what a winner. Glad to see he’s dedicated to being a great partner to his longtime girlfriend and the three kids he begged to impregnate her with. Super classy.

Another piece of trash in the Kardashian garbage pile, I suppose :(

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Scott Disick is spending his rehab time tripping his ass off

scott disick

Scott Disick is finally getting his act together – he’s decided to face his alcohol addiction head on (again) and head off to some alternative rehab in Costa Rica. But what exactly is meant by “alternative”, anyway? I was under the impression that the only way to overcome any kind of substance abuse is to… well, quit doing that substance. But the Rythmia Life Advancement Center has some different ideas: they think Scott should be tripping balls on some ancient herb to quit drinking.

From TMZ:

As we reported … Scott checked into the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, where we’re told they use the African psychedelic shrub Iboga to send patients on a vision quest.

Hang with us … it’s about get even trippier. These “Iboga flights” are supposed to force users to examine their inner selves so they can learn what triggers their addictions. Sources connected to Scott tell us a shaman observes the entire trip, and the center says it’s so effective … it boasts a money back guarantee.

We’re told Disick briefly visited the facility last month to research the place and was convinced Iboga could help him fight his alcohol demons.

Treatment can take several weeks, or as brief as one week — but that would be one helluva trip … we’re guessing.

Wow, that sounds like a totally awesome option for someone with a known proclivity towards substance abuse. I’m sure hallucinogenics will TOTALLY help this asshole quit drinking so he can be a better partner and father to his three kids rather than spending all his time throwing parties where he’s wasted for days on end. Great thinking!

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Scott Disick checks into rehab

scott disick

It’s not a secret that Scott Disick has had a serious alcohol problem for years. He’s tried rehab before, he’s tried quitting cold turkey on his own, and he always ends up going back to the bottle (and God knows what else). Unsurprisingly, not even having kids with the so-called love of his life was enough to light a fire under his ass to really get help. However, he’s ready to try again with something a little more alternative.

From TMZ:

Disick checked into Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. He says, “I realize my issues are bigger than me and I’m ready to truly remedy this struggle I continue to battle.”

Scott was in Atlantic City over the weekend where he did multiple shots of tequila right out in the open. He then went on a rant onstage and ended the night at 8 AM, where he was stumbling in the hotel lobby without shoes. At 5 PM people went to his room to do a welfare check when he was MIA.

Scott has had multiple problems with alcohol and has vowed to maintain his sobriety, especially after his girlfriend Kourtney gave him an ultimatum.

As for his treatment, he says he is doing Iboga treatment, which involves roots from a small African tree that supposedly helps people battle addiction.

As for the facility, Rythmia is located on a private estate offering a “luxurious world-class experience” including a five-star restaurant, full-service spa with mud bath, and fitness center.

Huh. Well, I guess this will do for now, and then in a few months he’ll host a party in Vegas and get drunk off his ass again. Oh, is that too cynical? Sorry, I guess I just can’t take anything anyone in this family does seriously anymore… not that I ever did, but you know what I mean.

I suppose bonne chance to him. Hope it sticks this time.

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Scott Disick is too busy getting Kourtney Kardashian pregnant to marry her

scott disick

Kourtney Kardashian just gave birth to her third child with little-boy-trapped-in-adult-body boyfriend Scott Disick just last month. Some would think that by now, they’d be ready to walk down the aisle and at one point, it seems like that’s what Scott really wanted. Not anymore, though – he’s too busy knocking her up to marry her, apparently.

“If it’s not broke don’t fix it – we’re happy the way it is,” Disick told PEOPLE Saturday in Las Vegas. “I don’t even think we’ll have time to get married at the rate that we’re popping out kids,” he joked.

Scott also thinks he’s a super suave father and has it all figured out when it comes to raising kids. You know, despite the fact that he seems to be too busy drinking and partying to actually do much “raising”.

“There’s always so much in the beginning when they’re that little. Every day is such a big milestone, but this is my third time so it’s just kind of a charm,” he said.

“You know it by now; the first one was scary, the second one was less scary, and the third one you’re like, I get it, I got a whole team over here.”

Well, that’s special. Surely Kourtney has to be done having kids now, though? I suppose only time will tell. I can’t imagine what would make someone want to have kids with this manchild, but I suppose to each her own.

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Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to a son this weekend

kourtney kardashian scott disick

We only found out a week ago that Kourtney Kardashian‘s third child with Scott Disick would be a boy, and now that little boy is here, because Kourtney gave birth this weekend!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Scott Disick welcomed their third child, a boy, on Sunday, Dec. 14, PEOPLE confirms — the same day their son Mason Dash turned 5.

The new baby also joins big sister Penelope Scotland, 2.

No news on what this baby will be called, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it won’t be a K-name… thank God. I’m really glad that the Kardashian kids have broken Kris’ streak of awful kids names that all start with the same letter.

Also, side note, but I bet Mason is gonna be piiiiiissed that he’s gotta share his birthday with his brother. That’s his special day!

Mazel to these two and we look forward (I mean, I guess…) to finding out the name!

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