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Kourtney Kardashian May Get Back With Scott Disick

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Scott Disick was caught red-handed (on camera) cheating on Kourtney Kardashian as she sat at home looking after their three kids. It was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back in terms of their relationship, but Scott didn’t particularly seem to care – he was too busy partying, after all. When Lamar Odom fell into a coma after a drug overdose, however, he got inspired to go back to rehab for the umpteenth time, and now he’s out and seemingly has a chance for a reunion with Kourtney. UGH, WHY?!

From TMZ:

We’re told Scott spent time with his kids and some of the Kardashians Wednesday night, and seemed like “a whole new him.” Our source says he’s been “amazing” since checking into rehab last month, and he gets a day off here and there to see his kids.

And get this, Kourtney might still be open to patching things up. We’re told it would take a LONG time for Scott to prove himself again, but it’s not officially over.

Yes, because this isn’t just going to keep happening, just like it has for the past decade! I’m truly not sure what’s wrong with the women in this family who end up getting in the weirdest, most fucked up relationships. Obviously you can’t help who you love, but there’s a serious issue when one of the kids is getting with a grown man when she’s underage, two others are with drug addicts, and the third is with Kanye West. Something’s just not right.

Obviously Kourtney and Scott have kids together, which makes things slightly more complicated, but if he can’t get his shit together, it’s better off that they aren’t together.

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