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Kris Jenner Is “Furious” At Scott Disick

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Unsurprisingly, Scott Disick‘s latest antics – which, thank god, finally led to Kourtney Kardashian kicking his ass to the curb – haven’t gone over very well with Kris Jenner. You see, Kris’ bank account stays padded based on the carefully curated lives of her family, and Scott was allowed to be a part of that for a while. Now that he’s messing things up, Kris’ hackles have been raised and she’s been so “furious” about it, she’ll likely schedule a few extra Botox appointments this week to work that furrow out of her brow.

“Kris is furious at Scott,” says a friend of Disick. “He’s just not seeing things clearly.”

It’s no secret that Jenner, 59, and Disick, 32, have had a bumpy relationship since he began dating Kardashian, 36. (Even in the 2007 premiere episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner was visibly displeased with Disick as a match for her eldest daughter.)

Jenner stood by as Disick struggled with alcohol abuse, rehab stays and several hospitalizations, but it appears this time, she’s had enough.

“First and foremost, Kris just wants to protect her family,” says an insider. “Seeing her kids happy is the most important thing.”

Oh, Kris. Please teach us your talents. How do you manage to turn every single situation that has literally zero to do with you into one in which you’re somehow relevant? It’s mind-boggling. The thirst levels of Kris Jenner are just… unprecedented.

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  • WOW. She’s got some balls. How dare she call out someone else for cheating. She has cheated on every man she’s known and would be doing so now IF she had a man. Not counting little paid gay boy, Corey. She is such a laughing stock and so desperate.

  • “…family most important thing.” Next to her 15%, of course. With ratings dropping daily and public interest failing for all thing Kardashian/Jenner, she must be freaking and pulling out what little over-processed hair she has. New ideas needed: Boom! Kris has black, baby lover ( sure he’s paid for & gay, not important.) Boom! Kimho gets pregnant (yeah-right). Boom! Kourt kicks out Scott. Boom! Kylie’s lips, Tyga, new house. Boom! Kendall drives with her legs out the window; no hands on the wheel. Walks around with (bean sized) boob hanging out and photogs JUST happen to be there. Boom! Khloe has another black athlete (nothing new there). Boom! Rob loves (evil) Mom & Kourt & will beat up Scott. It will be fun to see what needy, transparent & shocking thing will pop up next ! How soon will Kimho have problems with her (fake) pregnancy? Will Kanye finally come out of the closet? Will Kourt admit she’s a lesbian? Will Kendall? Will Kylie be upset when Tyga is killed in a drive-by? Will Kris admit she’s 64? Will Caitlyn reveal that Kris wears a jock strap?? Stay tuned for more of the bizarre world of KUWTK’s!!!!!!!!!

  • LOVE Sophie’s narrative!!! So funny and true. I would like to add Words Not Used To Describe Kardashian/Jenners: Smart, classy, kind, talented, natural, real, sweet, attractive, honest, stars, ethical, liked, artistic, respectful, loving, down to earth, sane, well-read, caring, hard-working, friendly, great parents, creative, family, generous, appreciative, educated, demure, stylish, shy, quiet, well-spoken, considerate, humble , inspirational, admired, interesting, respected. ………….OK, I’m done.

  • She should be pissed,; it is all about her ! Swear, she will take any situation, call the trash mags and make it all about her wrinkled ass. She is so far beyond mentally ill. Seriously.