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Scott Disick Doesn’t Believe Kourtney Kardashian Breakup Is Permanent

kourtney kardashian scott disick

Scott Disick is an absolute mess. He’s got drug and alcohol issues out the ass that he refuses to get under control, he’s a cheater, a terrible father, a narcissist… need I go on? I don’t think so. And while pretty much anyone with a brain in their head is stoked that Kourtney Kardashian finally had enough sense to kick his ass to the curb, Scott’s not sweating it because he’s confident she’ll take him back in no time and this breakup isn’t permanent.

“Scott says that he’s doing fine,” the source says. “He says that he is not upset that the relationship is over, because ‘over’ doesn’t always mean ‘over.’ He has left open the door to getting back with her.”

The source says that Disick, 32, isn’t seeing the break up “clearly” and thinks an apology will fix the rift between the former couple.

“But he’s open to the idea that she may not forgive him and it may really be over for good, and he’s okay with that, too,” the source tells PEOPLE. “Right now his feeling is, whatever happens, happens.”

So basically, he doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone but himself and is a waste of time and space? Got it! Screw this asshole, and if Kourtney is dumb enough to go back to him after all this, then I have no more sympathy for her. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me 9,000 times over a period of 9 years, shame on me.

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