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Scott Disick Enters Rehab For Drug & Alcohol Addiction

scott disick

I suppose one awful thing to come out of the current tragedy surrounding Lamar Odom is the fact that the former NBA player’s overdose has scared the shit out of Scott Disick, and he’s finally ready to get serious about getting off the drugs and drink that has been controlling his life for way too many years.

It’s unclear which rehab center he’s attending and if it’s inpatient or outpatient (likely outpatient since he was spotted only Wednesday out grocery shopping), but according to US Weekly, he’s getting treatment in Malibu while Kourtney Kardashian remains at home, looking after their three kids.

This isn’t Scott’s first time in rehab, nor will it likely be his last (don’t forget he immediately quit earlier this year to go out to the club), but hopefully he can really stick to it this time and begin to value his life, as well as the lives of his kids and his longtime girlfriend’s, more than he does partying.

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