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Shut the Hell Up, Scott Disick

Scott Disick is the Worst

Kourtney Kardashian’s babby daddy Scott Disick is a douchebag. I really hate him. After watching him on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and seeing that he’s just a bottom-feeding nobody who happened to impregnate one of those amazing Kardashian sisters and “strike rich” so to speak,  I can’t stand him. I think that he’s as bad as Spencer Pratt for playing into his role as the villain and for treating Kourtney in a humiliating and degrading way in order to maintain that character. If Scott had half a brain, he could probably figure out a way to paint himself as the bad guy without also painting himself as a chauvinistic alcoholic. Why couldn’t have Scott gotten in trouble for embezzling QuickTrim money instead of getting wasted and trashing a hotel room when Kourtney was in her third trimester of pregnancy? That’s all I wanna know.

So that rant came off the heels of me reading something Scott said to digitalspy while trying to defend his honor:

“I don’t mind being portrayed as the villain on TV, but nobody knows the real me. I’m a great guy. All the haters are just jealous, so they’re trying to bring me down. I’m young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I’m a role model – I’m the American dream!”

Ugh. Yeah. We’ve got another Spencer Pratt on our hands and the only way to destroy him will be to ignore him. This is the last time I will talk about Scott Disick on the Internet if I can help it. It will be hard because I truly, truly love those Kardashian girls, but it has to be done. Scott Disick must be stopped.

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  • scott is rich on his own. he’s a trust fund baby. that’s why he doesnt do shit. do you really think one of those gold digging hookers would shack up with a guy that didn’t have money to begin with?

  • Those two idiots deserve each other. The Kardashian family is absolutely fucking worthless. Fat asses….wow what a legacy.

  • well in case of we having a spencer 2.0 i think at the very least the kardashian sister can be rescued by her family cuz they are really close, unlike that heidi who is soooo under some kind of freaky spell that doesnt let her see what her life has become

  • he is super rich; an ass but still no bottom feeder.
    oh, and those kardashian sisters…they look like ugly monkeys-except for kim, she’s a pretty monkey.

  • Uh, American Psycho much?
    I love myself, I’m handsome, I’m awesome…but I’m not all there.
    I feel like at any moment he’s going to be dragging out dead hooker bodies and feeding them to the fishes.
    Scott, is worse then Spencer.. and I hate to admit that, because they’re both equally retarded and have to much money and fame in their hands.