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Adam Levine Starts Own Record Label, Signs Will Schuester

Photo: Matthew Morrison, Adam Levine

Here is some news that tickled me, and I’m not sure why: Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has started his own record label!

I finally watched an episode of The Voice recently, and while I deeply enjoyed it, I still think Levine is a total turd. He’s snarky, smarmy, brittle, and even a bit of a bully.

I also think he’s very talented at recognizing talent—all the Voice coaches are, in fact—and if Levine wanted to, he could absolutely be the next Simon Cowell. Have at it, Levine.

Here’s the part that really curls my hair: guess which “artist” was the first to sign to the new label!


That’s right: Glee‘s own Will Schuester is the first megastar on Levine’s label! E! Online has more from Matty Fresh:

“I am excited to be working on my next album with such an incredible singer, writer and producer as Adam Levine,” the Glee star said in a statement. “Adam and I share the same vision as we begin working on my record together.”

This shouldn’t’ve given me the screaming giggles—Morrison is talented and charismatic or whatever—but it did. Who will Levine sign next? Patrick Wilson? Michael C. Hall? I mean, reeeeeaaaally.

(Image via Idolator.)

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  • Actually…. Adam’s first artist for his 222 label is actually an amazing vocalist of only 20 years of age, Rozzie Crane.
    And yes, he actually is very talented at recognizing talent- he surprises me at times at how quickly he turns his chair for a singer at times, before they’ve even perhaps actually started really singing. But, his guess is NEVER wrong.
    As for him being smarmy, snarky and a smart ass, aren’t you bound to become one after spending 20 years in the industry, lows and ups and everything in between? I’m not defending him though- I actually enjoy his quips and cracks. He’s alright by me.