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Macaulay Culkin Is Wasting Away

Photo: Macaulay Culkin was photographed on February 8 in NYC

This is the photo. This is the photo someone just tweeted. I gasped.

This is the terrifying photo someone took of Macaulay Culkin yesterday on the streets of New York City.

Good God.

Entertainment Tonight promises to air more of the “exclusive photos” tonight, but one is really enough.

ET has already wrung a byte out of Culkin’s spokesperson, though, who says, “Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health.”

I don’t buy it.

ET goes on to point out that Culkin is set to star in the upcoming movie Service Man. Good for him. He’s a terrific actor. Did you see him in Saved?

But if ET is trying to get me to believe that this drastic weight loss might be for a film role, a la The Machinist, that really strikes me as bogus.

But I wouldn’t be quick to point to drugs as the cause of his gauntness, either. Sure, Culkin was arrested on drug charges in 2004, but the drugs he was holding were Xanax, Klonopin, and marijuana. It’s a pretty far cry from “crack” or “meth”—sounds like someone has a little anxiety disorder.

Get healthy, Macaulay.

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