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Christina Aguilera: “I Do It All in My Bed”

A photo of Christina Aguilera

I really love reading interviews with Christina Aguilera. I think I like them so much because the subtlety. See, with some interviews, the celebrity will come right out in the open with rudeness and a bad attitude, or some craziness or what have you, but Christina’s not like that usually. With her, it’s mostly like “oh wow, this is kind of boring, ugh, why am I still reading … what did she just say?” And I can definitely respect that.

There are a few of those moments in this interview she did with Latina magazine:

On getting married and divorced at a young age: “Was I too young? Not at all. I did the exact right thing at the time….I definitely wasn’t too young. I have always been older than my age.”

On growing older: “I was on the set of a film and the choreographer was 19 and I looked around at all the dancers and I was like, ‘Whoa! I’m the oldest person in this room. When did that happen?’”

On reconnecting with her father: “I’ve talked about how rough things were for me and I’m sure he’s heard it. He can’t be thrilled about it. So maybe one day we can do lunch…I’m 31 years old now. Maybe it’s time.”

On resting up from the intensity of shooting The Voice: “When I’m shooting The Voice, it’s intense. On a day like today, my ex has my son and we are not shooting, so I slept and I just slept. I love doing everything in my bed.  Eating, sleeping…It’s my domain and my throne…I do it all in my bed.”

On how she handles gossip and brutal reviews: “I don’t read them. Ever…Why read what people are saying—good or bad?”

On criticisms of not being Latina enough: “I’ve dealt with that my whole life. I don’t speak the language fluently. And I’m split right down the middle, half Irish and half Ecuadorean. I should not have to prove my ethnicity to anyone. I know who I am.”

On planning another Spanish-language album: “All I know is no one can tell me I’m not a proud Latina woman…I dove headfirst into a Spanish-language album for that reason and I’m planning another one even though I don’t speak the language. I’m sure that doesn’t sit well with some people.”

You see what I mean?  Most of that was sort of boring, right?  I mean, I liked the “all I know is no one can tell me I’m not a proud Latina woman” part, because she sounds sassy as hell and I like that, but the rest of it was kind of a yawn, to be honest. But that part about the bed, or excuse me, her “domain” and her “throne,” that is wonderful. That is just delightful. All I can think about now is Christina Aguilera rolling around in her bed, getting hot sauce and ranch dressing all over the clean sheets while trying to pull on a pair of leggings.

I’m really glad I could share this moment with you.

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  • I find it interesting that even she admits she “is split right down the middle” with half Irish and half Ecuadorian. But she never speaks about being a “proud Celtic woman.” Or even speak proudly about both of heritages equally? Perhaps because cozying up to the Latino community gives her a potentially larger fan base = more money?

    • I agree with you, but maybe this time we can attribute it to the fact that this interview is for a magazine called “Latina” and its content is targeted to the Latino community.

  • her singing all the time English is way more Celtic-rooting for me… why’d people feel bothered of her for having an Irish mother and singing in major English but little less in Spanish which in fact she’s been endowed with that heavily composed Latin surname: AGUEE-LHEERRAA?
    don’t put up yourselves as the judge on the matter of racialism, everyone can speak or sing in whatever languages they think they’d interest to. a person to behave or to speak according to the strict corridor of racial standard is nothing less dangerous than HUMAN STEREOTYPING.

  • Beware y’all. With her attitude & the way she treats people behind the scenes, she is an awful person. She only cares about herself and money. Nothing else. She is selfish, self centered, and narcissistic. Look at the tone of language of how she speaks about her son and exhusband.
    She has a character flaw and personality disorder. Honestly, without her body guard she would be a frightened little chicklet. Actually, I think she is a frightened person and knows how much trouble her mouth gets her into. I find it amazing that someone who’s 31 yrs old still acts like a 13 yr old. Even with money, she still projects on the outside the trailer trash she is on the inside.
    You cant fight getting old and and fat, and sooner or later she will be 60 and fatter and will have had more face lifts than Elizabeth Taylor – because that’s how she roles!