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Guess Who Was at Miley’s Penis Party!

A photo of Demi Moore

If you guessed Demi Moore, then congratulations, you are correct! That means that you have eyeballs that can see things and a brain that can recognize them! I’m so proud of you for both of those things!

But yeah, you guys remember Miley Cyrus‘ penis party. That’s not even a question, it’s a statement, because there is no way you could forget that shindig. It featured Miley chugging on the biggest alcoholic beverage and making a porn face at cake that was shaped like male genitalia. That isn’t something you forget. Well, I guess you wouldn’t forget it unless you have a habit of doing whip-its. Lame.

Just 9 days before her whip-it induced medical emergency … Demi Moore partied under the radar at Miley Cyrus’ BF’s birthday bash in L.A.  … you know, the one with the penis cake … more evidence that Demi was desperately clinging on to her fading youth.

Multiple sources who were at Club Icon on January 14 tell us … Demi was hanging out with her daughter Rumer and some young friends … mostly kickin’ it in the VIP section.

We’re told Demi was drinking Red Bull all night  … a drink she’s been obsessively sucking down for years. We’re told she left with Rumer sometime after midnight.

A few days later, Demi was seen clubbing with Rumer around Hollywood … and on January 23rd, she was hospitalized after inhaling nitrous oxide in the form of whip-its, a drug that’s super popular with high school kids.

People familiar with the situation tell us … it’s not hard to connect the dots.  The woman who became famous for what people thought was eternal youth became a believer in the illusion, and it manifested itself in various ways — partying with her daughter and her 20-something friends, obsessing over her body image, and finally using drugs that appeal to people more than half her age.

So is it safe to assume that these kids were doing whip-its and smoking K2 and having fun with bath salts? Because that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s also the most ridiculous thing my boyfriend has ever heard, because ever since I mentioned that Demi Moore probably smoked K2 and then had a seizure and went to the hospital, he keeps bringing it up. A couple of nights ago we were going to sleep, and he started giggling, and when I asked him what was funny, he just said “Demi Moore smoked K2, that’s ridiculous.” And it is.

I know one dude who has smoked K2, and he’s a teenager. The first person that comes to mind when I think of whip-its is Steve-O. When I think of bath salts, I think of the people I went to high school with who broadcast their drama all over Facebook and call their ex-spouses endearing names like “bath salt snorting piece of shit.” Do you get the theme here? Demi Moore’s drugs of choice are the drugs of choice of boys who are either teenagers, jackasses, or rednecks. Something’s not right there.

Oh well. At least now I have probable reason to believe that Miley Cyrus has done whip-its. Could you even imagine?

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  • I cannot fucking wait for your contract with Schick to be over with so I don’t have to close 10 Schick Quattro windows/videos/ads every time I go to this goddamned website.

  • Legal Ease I agree I got a clothing line and no matter how many times I hit ‘close’ it would NOT go away. Really a turn off.

    • I posted this on another thread, but I wanted you to see it, too:

      LOL I’m sorry. We’re working on the ads being less invasive, and I really apologize, because I know how you feel.

      • I don’t know if this helps or if anyone really wants to hear it, but I use Chrome with AdBlock, and it’s amazing. I’ve maybe seen two ads here, and I’m on this site always.

  • Hey Sarah,

    Really appreciate your response. Personal connection makes such a difference. And good to know! Will come back knowing that. :)


  • I have some great advice for Demi…Uh, grow the FUCK UP. You had your day. It’s over. You are a grown woman. You are not a teenager. Just because you are skinny and have long straight hair parted down the middle does not fool anyone into thinking otherwise. You are living a bad poorly cast Lifetime movie for gods sake!

    Sincerely, Everyone who has to hear stories about you.

  • Dummi Moore is trying to help young women who are being trafficked in other countries??? She is such a vile disgusting role model.