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Demi Moore Was Probably Smoking Bath Salts

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So, I said yesterday that the 911 call featuring Demi‘s rescuers would be sent out to the ‘net for all of the public’s listening pleasure, and it has been. I haven’t listened to it. And if you want to listen to it, it’s out there, but you’re not going to find it here – at least from me – because like I said, I think it’s weird. Morbid might be a better word. Like, that one website, God do I hate that website. There’s such bizarre stuff on there, and I think certain things are better left unheard or unseen (nudie photos, now that’s something entirely different. We’re all nude under our clothes, let’s just get on with it, OK? I mean really. Show me what you’re working with).

So, right. Back to Demi. People‘s got the scoop, saying that the friend who phoned in the emergency call claimed that Demi smoked something “similar to incense,” but not pot, and that was the catalyst to the earlier-mentioned seizure. So what was it? I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. This story’s gotten so messed up and retold and convoluted that I’m going to be completely ridiculous and say ‘bath salts’. One thing that I did read, however, was that the woman on the phone was often heard during the call referring to another woman by the name of ‘Ru’. Um, would that possibly be Rumer Willis we’re talking about? Demi’s twenty-three year-old daughter? I’m thinking so.

And isn’t that just great. Demi’s oldest daughter was probably present for her mom’s idiocy. Because really, what else was it? It might have been a different story if Demi had just collapsed and maybe seized because of exhaustion and not eating and stress and what not, but she collapsed and seized because …

… she was doing f-cked up drug-like substances? How not cool is that for a kid to see? You know, I don’t care how old you are, or how old your children are, it’s never OK to act like an idiot in front of a child that you birthed and raised and tried to set a good example for.

Also, where’s Ashton in all of this? Well initially, sources said that he was unresponsive to the news, continuing to party internationally, most recently seen at a Bruno Mars and Florence + the Machine concert somewhere in South America. Now, however, Ashton’s allegedly come home, and presumed to be by Demi’s side. Or at least with her kids. God knows someone’s got to be dependable for those three girls (who are aged 23, 20, and 17). From X17:

After spending a week partying in Brazil for Sao Paulo Fashion Week and working on a catalogue shoot, a “deeply concerned” Ashton Kutcher returned home to LA on Thursday evening, and immediately rushed home to be by Demi Moore’s side.

Nevertheless, Kutcher has been increasingly worried about the health of his ex, and a source tells People mag, “Ashton is deeply concerned for Demi. He still cares about her and wants the best for her.”

Right. Can’t wait to see how well this pans out.

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  • Her rep’s knew the 911 tape was going to be released, and leading up to that dropped stories about Adderal and RedBull being the cause. I don’t but it. 5 bucks says she was smoking meth, and the people calling 911 didn’t want to say that. Way to keep it classy Demi!

  • ok sarah, ive let you perpetuate this rumor long enough. this is the third post ive read where you mentioned demi smoking bath salts. smoking is not the method in which you ingest this drug. you sniff it as though you would cocaine, not by smoking. demi could have overdosed by abusing bath salts, but she was not smoking them. i usually enjoy your rather snarky posts, but your knowledge is lacking and irresponsible in this case.

    • Take it from someone who knows… smoking bath salts is a very popular method of ingesting the drug, Not first hand knowledge, but someone I loved was doing this and the results are disastrous, hallucinations, paranoia, heart palpitations and panic attacks are only the least of the side effects from smoking bath salts. After watching someone who went thru bath salt use for 6+ months and then quitting them cold turkey which should probably be done with medical supervision I would go out on a limb and say it is very possible she was using bath salts

  • The 911 caller stated Demi smoked something “like incense”. That would make me think it was fake weed, not bath salts. Bath salts don’t cause the reaction she had. They are like meth, and people tend to have psychological reactions.

    I’ve smoked fake weed 5 times. The first four times were no problem. On the fifth time, I smoked too much, and experienced vertigo and shaking hands. I sat in my chair wondering if I was going to die.

    She smoked fake weed, if anything.

  • It was prolly spice incense like Mr. Nice Guy. its a chemical like thc, but not. and has a ton of other god knows what in it. not bath salts. you snort bath salts.