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Guess Who’s Writing A Children’s Book!

A photo of Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

No, not Katie Holmes. She’s too busy starring in the Dawson’s Creek reruns in my dreams, silly! No, the real author is that little devil, Suri Cruise! Not even six years old and already entering the literary world, isn’t that something? To be honest though, I’m not surprised. Suri has always been way mature for her age, you know. Like, she seems at least 8.

Here’s the story from In Touch via Celebitchy:

Suri Cruise, author? According to a family friend, the 5-year-old is currently penning her own children’s book! And her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, think it’s so good, they plan to publish it when she’s finished. “Suri is smart beyond her years,” the family friend tells In Touch. “Not only is she writing the book, she’s also working on all the illustrations. She is actually very talented for someone so young.”

And her parents couldn’t be more proud. “Tom and Katie are careful not to push her too hard, but of course they think she is a little genius,” adds the friend. Although Suri hasn’t come up with a title just yet, the insider reveals the story is about the adventures of a little girl who lives in a big house in Beverly Hills. Sounds like more of an autobiography to us, Suri!

This sounds adorable, right? I’m sure little Suri could write a fabulous little book! Except wait … has she ever gone to school? She gets photographed so often, it’s really hard to be sure. Surely she can read though. Right?

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  • 5 years old is a little old to WANT to be carried, right? Isn’t she getting a little heavy for Katie? I guess it doesn’t look like it.

    And LOL she can likely read. I was reading well by that age, so she’s likely gifted. Her facial expressions indicate her parents probably thought that look was cute.

    Could she put together a children’s book? Probably not without help, but it’s possible.

    Why wouldn’t any parent be proud?

    Oh, and yeah, she does look spoiled. I oughta know. I was. Roh-ten.

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