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Suri Cruise Wears Bright Red Lipstick and a Cute Little Hat

A photo of Suri Cruise leaving the apartment on September 9 in Greenwich, NYC

Us Weekly wants you to know that little Suri Cruise stepped out onto the streets of Greenwich (NYC) wearing a pink bowler hat and bright red lipstick. Ugh, the camera loves this child.

It makes me nervous when kiddies don’t wear age-appropriate things, maybe, but Suri looks darling. Plus, she dresses like a little old lady. No harm in that! (Maybe Suri is the next Tavi Gevinson! But only if she wants to be.) And the kid gets away with so much “dress-up”—just like the little girl who convinces mom to let her wear her sequined tutu to Wal-Mart.

Anyway, I was looking for better pictures of Suri on the ol’ photo wire, and the paparazzi were still waiting for Suri at the door of the family’s apartment later in the afternoon (creepsville). By then, Suri had lost the bowler hat and matching wrap, as well as most of the lipstick—all her little accessories, packed away by the nanny, no doubt.

I guess grown-ups do that, too: we leave the house in uncomfortable things that looked nice in the mirror, but a few hours later we’ve taken off the jacket, the scarf, the earrings, trading style for practicality. Kids refuse to suffer as long as adults do, though. As soon as that felted hat gets itchy, it comes right off. Take notes, grown-ups.

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