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Stop Tweeting Chris Brown About Rihanna, Ok?!

A photo of Chris Brown

For real, you guys, stop. It’s not cute anymore. I know that back in 2009 or whatever it was the cool thing to do, you know, like “oooh, Chris Brown, why did you viciously assault your girlfriend, Rihanna,” but that was like three years ago. It’s 2011 now, and you guys that haven’t forgotten about that one measly act of domestic violence just need to grow up and get over yourselves.

Here, let me let Chris tell you how he feels in his own words, the ones he Tweeted then deleted:

dont say sh*t to anybody and everyone feels its cool to attack me. GROWN ADULTS!!!! that sh*t happened three years ago!

i know alot of you wack @ss(OLD) celebrities probably wanna f*** my ex but talking sh*t on me wont get u far!

and to be REALLY HONEST… yall wonder why n*gga spazzes all the time? Lol

So, to recap, you guys are way immature for saying things to Chris Brown about the whole Rihanna thing, especially since he hasn’t even done anything, if you do say anything negative to Chris about how he beat his girlfriend, it’s just because you want to have sex with her, and it’s our fault that he spazzes all the time. Got it?

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  • “hasn’t done anything?” Are you being serious? I know that it was a few years ago, but domestic violence is something which resonates with a lot of people. Since what happened between them was very well reported, he represents domestic violence to a lot of people and by displaying dislike towards him people are showing their disapproval with what he did. Your report is very naive and frankly quite offensive, domestic violence is horrific-you just shouldn’t harm the person your meant to love most in the world. You were saying that it was THREE WHOLE YEARS AGO, well surprise surprise…the physical scars may have healed but most victims are still severely affected by what happened to them. I know a lot of people who have experienced domestic violence, and i spent a lot of my childhood in a women’s refuge-its not something you just ‘get over’. Yeah, perhaps people are too hard on chris brown but, unfortunately for him, his life is incredibly public and people are going to remember horrific acts like beating your girlfriend. So yeah, i personally dont like the boy and refuse to listen to his crap music but you shouldnt tell people to just get over it (it may not involve them, but it relates to SO many peoples lives). And if it makes someone feel better by calling him a dick, so be it.

    Oooh, wait i didnt read your whole blog until i finished. got the irony now. oh well, i spent ages typing this so its going up.

    • “Oooh, wait i didnt read your whole blog until i finished. got the irony now. oh well, i spent ages typing this so its going up.”

      LOVE IT. :)

  • Anger management, baby steps, no,.. ain’t having no babies with her neither.. and tell her to quit calling me too!

  • heishhhhhhhhhhhhh! can we please move on @hanah take it easy you wrote the whole block and i did not get you, is been 3 years grow up

  • Wow…. little girl you have somethings you need to learn about the subject, before you have your opinion about it.

    For one, you don’t know Chris Or Rihanna! Two, have you seen the pictures? She is very unlikely to do that to herself! Don’t forget they loved each other too much, so for her to even come forward to start with must have been the hardest thing she could have done.

    People like you disgust me, I wouldn’t wish domestic violence on anyone, but I wish it on you so that you are able to understand what actually happens, before you start to spread your bull shit, lack of knowledge all over the net.