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Quotables: Chris Brown ‘Apologizes’ for Smashing Window on GMA

picture of chris brown no shirt gma photos

“First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions, because I’m disappointed in the way I acted. I had to release the anger that I had inside of me. Yes, I got very emotional and I apologize for acting like that.”

OK. This is Chris Brown’s apology. … This is Chris Brown’s apology on anti-psychotic meds. Any questions? No? What’s that, you’re cowering in the corner to avoid being hit by flying, furied fists of doom? Well hell. I don’t blame you.

Meanwhile, this is what Chris has been doing in his downtime between smashing windows and acting contrite.

photo of some dirty chick grinding up on chris brown pictures

Thanks to TMZ for a heads-up on the photo.

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