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Chris Brown REALLY Needs to Go to Jail After THIS Crap

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Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America earlier this morning, and though the outward performance and interview seems like it went well, TMZ has got word that Chris, plagued by questions about that time when he, you know, BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF RIHANNA, totally freaked out, started screaming, broke his dressing room window (and showered a street below with glass), tore his shirt off and left the premises. TMZ claims that Brown was screaming so loudly that makeup and wardrobe got nervous enough to call security.

This sounds exactly like the actions of a rehabilitated man with no apparent anger issues, doesn’t it?

Look, dude. I get you’re probably sick and tired of being pegged as the asshole that probably would have killed a woman if she hadn’t gotten away, but there’s better ways of dealing with your frustrations than proving to the world that you’ve got a fucking psycho streak a mile-damned-wide.

Update: Here are some pictures of Chris leaving the GMA studios. Tell me this asshat doesn’t have a screw or forty loose.

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  • God, it is so trailer trash when guys get pissed and take their shirts off. WHY? Like oh no, your abs are going to beat me up! You are much more impressive and scary without that thin layer of cloth covering your body!

  • TMZ said “Robin Roberts asked Chris Brown if she could question him about the Rihanna incident BEFORE the live interview began on GMA this morning … this according to sources connected to the production.” No matter what anybody’s opinion of him is, it is a fact of life that Brown is gonna be asked about the “Rihanna incident” for years. If he doesn’t like it, he needs to have interviewers sign contracts that they won’t bring it up or just quit giving interviews. Growing up might also be a good option.

  • Why he tryin to be like lil wayne with the tats! Speaking of lil wayne, when he got really famous with his hit single “lollypop” black guys are rockin’ dreads more!

  • ya’ll sound supid as fuck! first off guys take there shirt off bcuz itz easier 2fight without somebody tryn 2grab all on your shirt and stretch your collar out. And about the dreads: niggas down south been rockin dreads b4 lil wayne even had a record deal..and as for the tattoo’s, lil wayne wasn’t the first person to get tatted up and if you did your research you would know that lil wayne got his style and swag from travis Mc.coy of the gym class hero’s…and last im tired of critics throwing salt on chris brown for that old shit..people make mistakes and how can we grow and learn from them if people keep reminding you of your fault’s and not your accomplishments…before opening your mouth 2 judge somebody judge your damnself…HATERS

  • Hello woodiewoo, he did the deed so he will have to answer those questions for the rest of his life. If he didn’t want to answer these questions he shouldn’t have done the deed. He acted up again because he cannot control himself. I think you sound stupid “niggas down south…” why do you all call each other that but whitey can’t even say the word without being called racist. You are very RACIST.

    • Agreed, thay word doesn’t ever need to be used but black ppl use it for some reason. It makes us all look bad. Anywho, they’re just questions. If you lose your temper over a question and throw a chair through a window you’re obviously not getting anger management and need to suffer the consequences. I almost feel bad for him.

      • -sooo now this is a race issue…smh come on now..honestly nobody really cares what yall “whiteys” say free country yall juss scared to say what you want period point blank…nd as far as chris…well if he doesnt want to be asked a question he has thee riqht not to answer it just as much as they have the riqht to ask it…and if he wants to throw a chair let him throuqh a chair bc that chair couldve easily been a person but it wasnt.

  • hay watt u doin i miss u bby i want to see u okay bby when are u coming to my house bby when are u coming okay bye i will see u later when u come to my house bby i love u okay i wqant to see u okay i will fuck u like a a monkey
    hay watt u doin i miss u bby i want to see u okay bby when are u coming to my house bby when are u coming okay bye i will see u later when u come to my house bby i love u okay i wqant to see u okay i will fuck u like a a monkey

  • Ya’ll needuh SHUTTTT THEEE FUCKKK UPPP . Chris Brown was right the way he acted . & He didnt act this way in fnta no body ! He did this in his fuckinqg dressinqg room so dont say ” nice way showing people you dont have anger issues ” like no ? stfu pls ? . He’s a man . He’s a person just like all of us .& we all have feelinqgs ! when you make a mistake in your life do you want people to keep talking bouht it ? . Cus honestly i wouldnt . Thats embarrasing & he sed sorry a million times buh now hes just saying #FUCKTHEHATERS . You cant blame him for reacting the way he did . why are they tlking bout rihanna ? they aint his dam therapists especially on tv ? common mami . ! me & you both no they should give him a dam break now get over it . Its not his fucking fault he has anger issues . i do t2 . and its sumffen we cant control its like a mental disorder if we dont react the way we do we break down ! . so just leave the kid alone hes old enuff to do wuh he wants now .

    • i really think chris Brown is a good man and im sure he didnt mean to do this to Rihanna, he has rigth to not answer questions like that its not ok to jude him like that,i know some where deep down he feels really sorry for doing that to Rihanna, and think you sould give him a chance forgiveness for his actions he made, its not ok to talk about my people like me because im american but half slavenian and crule to talk him like that and it hurts me to see him go through that it just not ok,

  • Every ones got a weak point and Chris’s has been anger, i hate guys who beat up women and i kinda dislike women who push their men across the edge….love is sick generally…i think it should be recommended for matured people, not like those two

  • im as mad at chris just like everyone else. but can you blame him? i mean with all of this rihanna shit still going on. like really? leave him alone and give the kid a break! hes a hella good singer that just needs some help

  • im mad at everyone , is been 3 years now it happened to me 6 years back and i dont even remember because i have moved on i feel riri team is using this to promote her music it not all about the scar anymore can we move on its not sexy now chris dont give up baby you can still prove that riri is a gimmick.

  • Okay, I get the guy did something bad- but what the fuck? He’s done his time and what not. His music wasn’t allowed to be played in radios cause he manhandled Rihanna. (I get the point. That’s horrible.) But Lil Wayne and T.I are found with possessions of guns and people still look up to them? Really? So it goes both ways people. Relax. He’s making progress, don’t be a douche cause you’re a hater. If you hate on him, you have to hate everyone else who did something wrong. So fuck off his back would ya?

  • for real you folks just say oh wtf he beat the shit out of someone not his fault or he got cured so give him a break or your a hater…sorry but people who are called haters hate on good people not worthless mtf’ers not someone who has no soul because he beat the shit out of someone a girl now he can fight all the guys he wants you beet up on a girl you never get a free pass unless he grows a vagina and gives birth then he gets a chance at redemtion