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Breaking Dawn: It’s Getting SO CLOSE That It’s ALREADY PREMIERED

photo of robert pattinson and kristen stewart at twilight breaking dawn premiere pictures
Ack! Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters this Friday! Are you guys ready? Can you even handle it? Are you already lined up, waiting to purchase tickets and checking these photos out on your phones?

Jennifer Love Hewitt was there … and she wasn’t wearing a bandage dress, my laws!

… Also, I’ve included about a zillion photos of her in the gallery because she’s SMOKING HOT.

Bella’s Dad, or as his parents might know him, Billy Burke, looks like a pedophile without his mustache.

Pretty much all of the female cast went way too heavy on the eye makeup.

And pretty much all of the male cast went way too heavy on the foundation.

Seth Green‘s wife scares me, and it looks like she scares him, too.

Kiowa Gordon left jail long enough to attend the premiere.

Who the f*ck is Pia Mia?

Melissa Joan Hart is still trying to get on Dancing With the Stars.

There were a lot of people there that I didn’t recognize, and I don’t know if that’s because I’m getting old, or because those people just suck. Briana Evigan, anyone? No? OK. I’m not getting old, I guess.

Ashley Tisdale‘s been preparing ALL YEAR for this event. On to next year’s premiere!

… WTF, Rob Lowe?

Peter Facinelli apparently swapped heads with Scott Disick for the evening. Swell.

Anything else I might have missed?

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