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Watch This: Joel McHale Is STILL Talking About Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

I love this video! Here are two smart, funny, impish men with great hair (good work, McHale! My memory is long, you sneaky Adonis), riffing on pop culture together like two old brosephs.

So comfortable are the two together, I am hard-pressed to extract any one quote, because Joel and Conan are giddily interrupting each other. The subject at hand? Kim Kardashian and her divorce, of course.

McHale: “Her mom doesn’t like it when I bring that up on the show [The Soup].”

O’Brien: “Now, that’s, that’s the thing—the Kardashians do not like you because you—you—you make fun.”

McHale: “Well, I bring up the Thing that Made Kim Famous, uh, which is the tape, and uh—”

O’Brien: “With, with uh—”

McHale: “Ray J.”

O’Brien: “With Ray J.”

McHale: “The sex tape with Ray J, and uh, Kim’s mom will call E!, much like an old lady neighbor, going, like, ‘Your son’s baseball landed in my window again!’ And she doesn’t—they don’t like it when we bring it up. I don’t know why, but we just say ‘Sex Tape with Ray J’ all the time. And she calls, and it’s bad.”

O’Brien: “Do you think maybe there’s, she’s thinking ‘I just wish that whole chapt—everyone’s going to forget about the sex tape with Ray J!'”

McHale: “They make so much money, you’d think—I’m promoting it!—they make so much money off of it. They make tons of dough—I think they’re gonna shoot me with, like, a hummus-tipped arrow.”

O’Brien: “That’s how they do it. That’s how all their victims die.”

Then Joel McHale calls Bruce Jenner a “drag queen scarecrow,” and Conan O’Brien hands him an invisible trophy.

Also, around the 6:00 mark, you get to see the hunks of Community, topless (but not quite pantsless).

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  • Hummus tipped arrow. LMFAO That was awesome! That clan needs to go down like the whore Kim on Ray J’s meat.