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Ray J Overheard Cops Making Fun Of Whitney Houston’s Dead Body

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Ray J (yes, the I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it first Ray J) was allegedly involved with Whitney Houston before her death. Like, right before. When police went to collect her body, he apparently overheard some of them making fun of her naked, dead body. This whole thing is just bizarre and sad. From TMZ, via Daily Freeman:

Sources reportedly told the website Ray J heard a “disrespectful comment” about Houston, followed by loud laughter. He reportedly got angry and tried to get inside, but was restrained. After the scenario repeated itself, he was removed from the floor.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that a police officer has filed a claim against the Beverly Hill Police Department, reporting that he was demoted after reporting a colleague picked up the sheet covering the lower half of Houston’s body and made a comment about how she looked.

I mean really, that’s just terrible. Terrible for Whitney, for her family, and for Ray J. Not even Ray J deserves something like that.

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Ray J Hires a Poor Kim Kardashian Lookalike For ‘I Hit It First’ Video

Listen, when it comes to Kim Kardashian‘s nether regions, Ray J most definitely hit it first. Well, the first time it was filmed and released in a sex tape, anyway. And while he wrote an entire track to commemorate the relationship, he wants everyone to know it’s all in good fun and that they shouldn’t think too hard about it. Except do, because now there’s a music video and it’s horrendous/hilarious.

I’m not sure what the funniest part of this video is – Ray J’s glowing car, Ray J hanging out in front of private planes like he can afford them, how the Kim K lookalike can only be shot with one part of her body on screen at a time or you’d be able to tell how NOT like Kim K she looks… need I go on? I wish I could even say this song is catchy, but instead it just makes me feel like Ray J has Tourette’s.

Ray J Says You’re Thinking Too Hard About His Kim Kardashian Song

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Ray J may have “hit it first” when it comes to Kim Kardashian and felt the need to release an entire song about it in a desperate plea for some amount of attention since the world literally gives zero shit about him, but now that everyone is getting in an uproar about the track, he wants to set the record straight. You see, Ray J wasn’t dissing Kim and Kanye at all! No, he’s a lover rather than a fighter and would never do that. He just wants the world to know about the “concept” of giving her The D before Kanye got in there for God knows what reason. Don’t take things so personally, guys!

From Hot 97:

“It’s a song, it’s not about that. It’s about a concept, you know what I’m saying? People are going way too deep… They’ve just got to keep it on the surface. Like, I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love. We’re doing music.”

“I think people are digging into it too deep. It’s a song – we’re just having fun, that’s it. It’s not a war. It’s not a diss song. We’re just having fun. Bring it back to the song – that’s all I’m on.”

Someone needs to phone Miriam Webster, because Ray J clearly doesn’t understand the definition of “concept”, which tends to be more subtle than “I had her head going north and her ass going south/ but now baby chose to go West”, for starters. Second of all, it’s not even a good song. No one’s going to sit around listening to it and thinking, “Goddamn! Hope Kanye’s got some ice for that burn!!” No, they’re going to be thinking, “What the f-ck is this bullshit?” and turn it off immediately. Nice try, Ray J.