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Kris Humphries Called Kim Kardashian Fat, Is Threatening to Expose Her Ass as Fake

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Oh, the horrors of divorce. I’ve never had one, but since I do this for a living and also because my parents got divorced twice, I know a little about the pain it can cause. But this story? This is the most hurtful, malicious thing I’ve ever heard, and it goes to show that Kris Humphries is an absolute monster with no regards for the feelings of people that he claims to have loved.

From the National Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Kim Kardashian’s big booty is a big, fat fake, sources say – and her estranged hubby Kris Humphries is threatening to expose the truth.

The reality TV sexpot insists her bubble butt is all natural and even displayed an x-ray of what she claimed was her backside on her show to use as proof. But some insiders claim the curvy 31-year-old beauty uses butt pads and say Kris filmed a video that proves his estranged wife’s prized posterior is phony!

Kris remarked to pals that, while he loves Kim’s shapely butt, it’s not the same as what you see on the red carpet or TV.

“Kris told his buddies that it takes a lot of work for Kim to make her bottom look as good as it does,” says a source. “He revealed all her secrets – how she uses ‘booty pads,’ Spanx and other things to enhance it. When she takes off the Spanx, the pads and everything else, it’s not the same. He knows what the real thing looks like – because he’s reported it on his cell phone camera!”

The article goes on to discuss how Kris started calling Kim fat and that “he said the undersides of her arms were flabby and she was getting a pooch in her belly,” but that’s too much. If Kris is going after Kim’s biggest asset (see what I did there?), that’s enough. We don’t need arm flab accusations on top of it.

Is it crazy to think that actual proof of Kim faking her ass would be way more detrimental to her career than a divorce after 72 days? Because I really think it would be. After all, the Kardashian empire was built, at least partially, on Kim’s ass, and if that empire was built on butt pads? Well, then it’s bound to crumble.

So one more time, just for funzies: Kim Kardashian’s ass, is it real or fake?

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    • Ever hear of photo shop and planned publicity photos… She probably had butt implants, or fat put in, and then creates the added bulge with booty pads. Her rear is gross. It looks wonky, lardy and fake and not a sexy shape especially in proportion to her squat physique. It might appeal to fetishist creepers, but not to aesthetes who don’t find circus freaks hot. She’s no victim, she’s getting back what she’s put out.

  • Oh please. This story is nonsense. We’ve all seen the photos of her and her monstrous ass threatening the eastern seaboard in a bikini. It’s real. After all, it’s where she stores that massive ego of hers; of course it’s big.

  • Please, that ass is fake! Yes shes in bikinis but they are implanted. Kris can expose her fake ass, he obviously has some juice other than her ass is fat. We all know shes fake. Look at her engagement ring then look at the ring from 2007. Same damn ring. IMO they are both fake!

  • Oh please, of course is it fake – everything about her is.

    And don’t start calling Kris a monster, he was used for this publicity wedding just as the ring, the dress and everything else. Getting married for the money, press and gifts – This girl is pathetic.

  • >>the Kardashian empire was built, at least partially, on Kim’s ass, and if that empire was built on butt pads? Well, then it’s bound to crumble.

    This is excellent because it reminds me of the alibi in Legally Blond.

  • Well, keep in mind this is a he-said, she-said situation. Not a real interview or anything. People will say anything they think is relevant for a pay out or even just to stir people up.

    And even if it is true, the guy has had a divorce sprung on him and he’s probably really pissed off about it. Thats probably normal, i’d sure as hell be pissed. AND when you’re angry you say alot of things you dont mean/arent true to hurt the person youre angry at.

  • I think the real problem is not that her ass might be fake, it’s that her whole “career” is based on whether it is or isn’t.

  • Considering what Kris Humphries has been through the past few weeks, seems to me dude gives as good as he gets.

    • Poor, poor Seacrest. His moneymakers are goners! It’s not the E! Channel anymore, it’s the Kardashian channel!!

      Beside the stupid E! Channel news (which is primarily Kardashian related) there’s nothing but these horrible monsters on!

  • Are you guys fucking serious? Does this photo mean nothing to you?×300.jpg

    Or is it going to be like In Re: Beyonce and we’re just going to ignore photographic and videographic evidence of her bump folding in half on national television?

    Of course it’s fake. This fat pig porn star got huge fucking ass implants because she knew that could be her ticket to fame, and boy was she right! She’s had work on her face (see: nose, lips, various facial injections (both botox and fillers)), not to mention her hair. Nothing on this disgusting whore is real, except for Ray J’s piss remains. Viva la Kuntrashians!

    • lol… finally someone feels the same way i do!!!! she’s setting a bad example for millions of girls that are watching her every move.

  • Her BUTT is fake. That stupid x-ray could have been any one of her sister’s (or another woman’s) ass. They never actually showed anything concrete. They are built on being fake. The world needs to divorce The Kardashians.

  • What a ridiculous “source” to quote! Don’t you think that a pre-nup precluded him from any disclosure of their personal life???

    The horrible publicity seeking Mama K. would surely have seen to that!

  • i’ve always known her rear end was full of fat injections. she’s had mor plastic surgery than i can count and i would respect her more if she would just be honest. i think she lost out, kris is HOTT!!!!!!!

  • I don’t think her ass is fake; I got an eyeful when I saw her porn video with Ray J’s giant, crooked penis. Besides, who would want an ass that big (other than a drag queen). If it is fake, then she’s a fool for wanting to walk around with something that big (because it goes beyond shapely to monstrous proportions).

  • God see beef, do u guys realise u re the ones making her big, with all ur beefs. Who cares if her arse is fake, Kris Humphreys just reminded me he is an imature fool. Aint JLO’s, Amber Rose, Scarlet Johansen with big bootie too. Why aint u guys bugging them. I have a big arse too so if some how it gets me fame, world is gonna say fake. For u to think u hate the Kardashians, it means u listen to them closely to develope any kinda feelings. To me they are silly entertainers n drama Queen. Buh i love Khloe. Guys just let them be and we are not blind cos we know Kims booties are real

  • You should all just shut the fuck up. Nobody is perfect, but I’m sure Kim is way closer to it than anybody who hates on her is. Maybe her ass is part fake, but I mean, it’s 2012. Who’s isn’t? Especially in Hollywood. I’m sure that if any of you all had the money, you would fix parts of your body too, regardless if it made you insecure or not. Kim is freaking beautiful & I would kill to have a body like hers.

  • get a life haters,i know y’all wish 2 be kim but d bad news is no,u cant be kim and dis blogger should find something else to write and leave d kardashians alone.

  • I am so sick of reading about this no talent pig and her no talent pig family. She gives us Kims a bad name!!

  • oh please.. her butt is fake as a 12 dollar biil.. but when black women were saying it all you idiots said we were jealous.. sorry fools we know a butt when we see one since 90% of our race has real bootys.. get a life!

  • Well after reading all these comments I have now relies that Americans are hateful ppl and don’t care about one another. I am happy to be from the Caribbean where we love and care for our own lots of other females have big butts Caribbean ppl have big butts who cares if she does or not the more noise yall make the more money she making. What yall bank account look like these days maybe yall should get butt implants too