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Oh Good, We Finally Have Confirmation That Kim Kardashian’s Butt is Real

photo of kim kardashian butt x-ray pictures photos

I know it’s just the news you’ve been waiting for: that Kim Kardashian doesn’t stuff her pants or have, you know, weird (ass) implants of some sort.

Kim’s loving sister Khloe took it upon herself to post a photo of Kim standing next to what’s supposed to be an x-ray of Kim’s backside. However? It looks more like an enlarged gall bladder that probably belongs to Khloe, which Kim is now trying to pass off as her own. Ass, that is.

Um, good luck, ladies.

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  • Well, that’s definitely *someone’s* butt. It’s an x-ray of the lumbar spine from the side. The little white dot on the bottom left corner could either be a hoo-ha ring or a button on her pants from pulling them down for the picture to be taken. I’m gonna go with nether region jewelry. Also, she maaaayyy have a gas bubble (future fart, in x-ray terms) in front of her tailbone. :)