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Is Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart with Ashley Greene?

A photo of Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson

I know, there are a lot of names up there in that headline that you might not care about or that you might actively loathe. But that’s not my problem. You’re going to hear about this rumor anyway.

You guys know about Ashley Greene, right? She’s that girl up there next to Robert Pattinson. She plays Alice, Edward’s psychic sister, in the Twilight movies, she had some nude pictures out a couple years back, and she’s also a general douche canoe. And you already know about Robert and Kristen Stewart. Now let me tell you about the love triangle!

Kristen and Rob are, of course, very much in love. But Kristen is busy filming cool new movies while Rob cavorts around with Ashley Greene to promote Breaking Dawn. The result? Rob has no choice but to sex up little Ashley Greene, or, to be specific, to sex her up so loud in their hotel that someone made a complaint to management. At least that’s the rumor.

What do you guys think? Check out that picture above one more time: does that look like a picture of two folks who also happen to be banging, or is Robert too devoted to Kristen for this?

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  • To Emily- Why don’t you just keep the gossip to your self! Because of you people Robert Patterson or however you spell it and Kristen Stewart are growing farther apart! You guys ruin peoples lives!!!!!

  • I think rob and Ashley are sleeping together to get back at Kristen for cheating on him I like them better as a couple