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Love It or Leave It: Ashley Greene Is So Toddler Chic

A photo of Ashley Greene

Earlier this week, I was down at the mall, and in one of the store windows, I saw a onesie. For real. And no, it wasn’t at Baby Gap or Gymboree, not at all, it was at the Forever 21. A onesie. For an adult. This kind of thing has got to stop. Rompers need an age limit, Ashley Greene needs to fade into even more obscurity, and I need a drink.

Buckle in, everybody, it’s going to be a real fun weekend.

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  • But she looks so cool! Literally… Up here in Montreal, we are immersed in a heat wave…

  • Rompers are everywhere here in Europe, and to be honest, they can look really cool if worn properly. I like how it looks on this girl, whoever she is.

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