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Lindsay’s Day in Court!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

As Jenn told you this morning, Lindsay Lohan got reassigned to community service at the morgue because she’s an entitled little monster who just can’t get her shit together. When we last left off, Lindsay was due back in court so everyone could talk about how hard she violated her probation. Aaaaand, we’re off!

Lindsay’s probation was revoked! She was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs, and her bail was set at $100,000, though she’s already out, natch. She has another hearing on November 2nd, by which she has to have put in 16 hours at the morgue, and that’s when she could go to jail (she won’t).

The most surprising event in the courthouse today? It wasn’t that Lindsay was served with a whole different lawsuit during the hearing – it’s that case where Lindsay kind of maybe assaulted the lady from Betty Ford – but that this girl actually had a really good probation report. Her therapist said that she’s doing well and that she’s been attending her sessions every Tuesday, to which the judge was like “bitch, please, I seen you partyin’.”

Basically this is just one big giant mess of a situation. Lindsay’s probation officers are spouting off nonsense, the judge isn’t having any of it, and there’s almost more legal activity than I can keep track of. The only thing that wasn’t a total mess was Lindsay’s outfit, though it was a little too Marilyn, right?

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  • Jesus christ this is sad. She was such a cute child and had a promising career ahead of her…. she seriously looks completely ruined.

  • I LOVED what the judge said…”I hear she’s SUPPOSED to be an actress….” MEEEEE-YOW! That’s one cool bitch of a judge! And what up with those Meth Eyes?!?! If the teeth didn’t convince me, those tweeked out eyeballs sure did! She had to be completely wasted to walk outside in public with those brown smears on her face.

  • If she’s lucky she’ll get placed in rehab, long-term, in-patient.
    That might save her life.
    Jail will only enable her addiction, much like Hollywood.

  • Why should tax payers money be wasted in court hearings for a spoiled non-self controlling a___hole. If she doesn’t do the required service put her in jail like they would any non-star and be done with it.