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Lindsay Lohan Looks Lucid in … Paris.

photo of lindsay lohan in paris not drunk pics 2011 recent pics

I was hoping to stick another ‘l’ in there somewhere, but I lost ambition halfway through, much like I do whenever anything Lindsay comes up. I *almost* got excited, though, becaue in these pictures I didn’t detect a trace of illegal drugs, dirty bruises, drama, or drunkenness, and that, for Our Girl Lohan, is definitely a rarity. I like being privy to things that happen once in a blue moon, like Friday the 13ths, leap years, Hallie’s Comet, and Lohan sobriety, so I’m going to do it all up and count this as a special occasion.

What I am concerned about, however, is finding out the identity of the greaser taking Lindsay by the hand. Is that Kenickie? I mean, didn’t he die? Or am I witnessing yet another miracle via a resurrection of a deceased Grease star?

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