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Demi Moore’s Looking Awfully Thin These Days

photo of demi moore pictures thin skinny anorexic pics

This is Demi, who was photographed at a recent film premiere, and I think it’s safe to say that the recent affair allegations have taken their toll big time on her.

My advice to the woman? Eat a sandwich. In fact, eat a few of them, and have a few stouts along with them, too. You’re an accomplished actress with decades of experience, and truth is, you married a doofus. A hot doofus, I’ll give you that, but a doofus nonetheless. We all make these kinds of mistakes sometimes. Try not to sweat it so much, and move the f*ck on. You deserve so much better, girl.

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  • AMEN sister!!! Glad you said it so short and sweet. Hope she has “real” friends who tell her the same.

  • She’s starting to look like Rachel Zoe, which you can argue is not exactly a compliment. Zero fat percentage = raisin face.

  • You know, I’ve always wondered why it is that every celebrity who is under-going under-eating issues goes out of her way to go sleeveless? Any thoughts?

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