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Quotables: Tell Us What You’re Really Thinking, Susan Sarandon

Photo: Susan Sarandon at UNIQLO on October 13

“The last one, not this Nazi one we have now.”

Susan Sarandon, clarifying that she mailed a copy of the book Dead Man Walking to Pope John Paul II. She certainly never mailed anything to that other guy, Pope Benedict XVI! What a total Nazi!

About that whole Pope Benedict XVI thing: the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Bill Donohue, has issued a statement. “The fact is that Joseph Ratzinger (the pope) was conscripted at the age of 14 into the Hitler Youth,” Donohue writes, “along with every other young German boy.

“Unlike most of the other teenagers, Ratzinger refused to go to meetings, bringing economic hardship to his family. Moreover, unlike most of the others, he deserted at the first opportunity.”

Donohue also spoke to E! News. “She’s a despicable person to make these kinds of despicable remarks,” he said. “It is very hard to find someone dumber than her.”

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  • Um…except this current pope is terrible and had a lot to do with the catholic protocol surrounding pedophilia. We, as a people, are allowed to make negative comments about the pope it doesnt make someone “stupid,” Bill Donahue. This isnt 1300.

  • I’m no fan of the pope or the dalai lama, or any other human being who is held in esteem regarding religion–for reasons too various to get into here; however, if in fact “Benny” didn’t attend meetings and did get out as soon as was humanly possible, then I don’t think it’sright to label him a “Nazi”.
    I do agree with “jellybeans” though that his involvement in covering up pedophilia (which IS documented) is terrible.

  • Since this pope has so much to do with covering up the horrible abuse cases, I don’t give a fig what people call him.

    He deserves it.