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Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon Banged David Bowie


Susan Sarandon is now someone I’m jealous of, as the actress banged David Bowie in the 1980′s while working on the film The Hunger. (Between this and going to awards shows stoned, she’s gotta be the coolest, right?) She talked about it with The Daily Beast, saying, via Daily News:

He’s worth idolizing. He’s extraordinary.

(He’s) just a really interesting person, and so bright. He’s a talent and a painter, and… he’s great.

Apparently they “parted ways” because Sarandon didn’t want children at the time.

Listen, when David Bowie wants to have your children, you have David Bowie’s children. (Bowie is currently married to supermodel Iman. They have a daughter together.) I don’t even WANT children, but for Bowie…

But that’s me. Which rock star would YOU give it up for?

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Susan Sarandon Goes To Award Shows Stoned


Susan Sarandon loves, weed, guys. The actress went on Andy Cohen’s show and was slap-happy over her love of pot. Via People magazine:

When host Andy Cohen asked her to name one major Hollywood event she showed up to stoned, Sarandon replied, “Only one?” and slapped her knee as the two shared a hearty laugh.

“I would say almost all except the Oscars,” she replied.

I would show up stoned, too, but only because I’d probably be too nervous to function without it. One of the many reasons why I’m not a celebrity.

Wonder if she had to be stoned while hosting her Downton Abbey special.

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Susan Sarandon’s Hosting a ‘Downton Abbey’ Special

susan sarandon downton abbey

Have you ever heard of a more perfect pairing than Susan Sarandon and Downton Abbey? Maybe it’s just because my first memory of her was as Marmie in Little Women as a kid, but period dramas just seem to suit her. Shit, re-cast her as Lady Grantham, because Elizabeth McGovern is fucking dreadful, sorry to say.

In any case, PBS will be running Downton here in the States, as per usual, and Susan has been tasked with hosting Return to Downton Abbey, a special that will give a “tantalizing taste” of what’s to come on the new season of the show. Considering that the new series has already started in the UK, I have to admit that I might not call it “tantalizing”, but I still love it.

Return to Downton Abbey will have a bunch of clips from past seasons, interviews with the cast, etc. It’s supposed to air on PBS on December 1, while season four will premiere on January 5. Hurrah! Does anyone here watch? Still can’t believe how they handled the Matthew situation, and I will never get over Sybil.