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Eddie Cibrian Says LeAnn Rimes Is “In Fantastic Shape And Very Healthy”

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Ok, I know that we go on and on about LeAnn Rimes over here, but trust me, it comes from a place of concern. Concern and incredulity, and yeah, I think there’s a little bit of disgust. But at the end of the day, none of that matters, because LeAnn’s one and only, Eddie Cibrian, still thinks she’s just perfect.

“It bothers me because, obviously, I know she’s healthy. She eats more than I do sometimes. She’s just a very [conscientious] eater, as far as what she eats. She eats pretty healthy, but she works out pretty hard too and she actually takes pride in the way she looks and it’s a shame that people will jump on the bandwagon just because she is fit. And she’s far from unhealthy. She works out like crazy. She works out hard. She boxes. She trains… Whenever you get a picture taken of you, there’s always an angle that looks unflattering for anybody and it’s unfair to use those pictures as the basis of the way that you actually really look. She’s in fantastic shape and very healthy and I love the way she looks.”

What a catch, right? And isn’t it great how all of the things he says make perfect sense? It’s like, duh! All these pictures of LeAnn have just been taken at unflattering angles! And she just works out all the time, that’s not a problem at all! Man, am I sure glad that Eddie cleared all this up, but let me just tell you, I feel like a dunce. A real dunce!

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  • I find it weird that on Yahoo there’s an article about Eddie Cibrian defending Leann’s weight right next to an article about “Staying Thin for Life.” Mixed messages? Or are they clearly siding with the too-thin people?

  • Next it will be “there was real low humidity when that picture was taken…..and it was Tuesday……and it was kind of windy.” Please, Eddie, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • I think it’s sweet that a guy will stand up for his woman. She’s been getting loads of stick from Evil Beet for months and, yes, she’s thin, but so is Victoria Beckham and you’re not pulling her to pieces every other day. Yes, she fell for a married man… this happens. I’m not defending it I’m just saying that you can’t help who you fall for. Give the girl a break.

  • Eddie Cibrian also says that he doesn’t want his kids to experience any type of media exposure and then he allows LR to tweet, blog, and set up staged photo-ops with those kids, so you know we can’t really trust a thing he says. He is a liar and if he would sell out his own kids, then we know that her probably defended LR because she paid him.