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Just Because: LeAnn Rimes Eats A Cookie!

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Oh, LeAnn. I know you think that half-eaten cookie in your hand proves something, but that tight-lipped, forced grin on your face just below those eyes that are about to pop out of your head from strain of either having to hold up that platter or having to hold that cookie in your mouth long enough for a picture say way, way more.

Image courtesy of Us Weekly

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  • God another weekend of your lame ass posts… least change that god aweful profile pic….maybe call in sick and let Sarah take over??? plz

  • This photo is really, really bad. But you know what else is really, really bad? I saw Leann and Eddie’s Lifetime movie tonight, Northern Lights, for the first time. You want bad? THAT was BAD.

  • I think it’s interesting to see that her down-hill slide as a human being is manifesting in a physical sense. Never before has she looked so unattractive, emaciated, and sickening as she has since stalking Eddie’s (ex) wife, leaving her husband and getting with some filandering has-been who is only acting because he’s managed to hold on to his moderate good looks.

  • I find it offensive that this half-witted homewrecker thinks the world is dumb enough to believe she eats tons of food, much less high carb food like cookies, and stays that skinny. Some people have a natural propensity to be thin (people like Brandi Glanville), and many young models are this way (as was Brandi Glanville). Other PEOPLE were pudgy, until they married an awesome sweetie of a guy who encouraged & helped them get LESS pudgy. Than one day, said girl meets a strikingly beautiful woman, with a handsome husband and 2 beautiful kids, and in a surge of blinding, all-consuming jealousy decides “I want HER life!” Then manages to steal the woman’s husband, and wages all-out war on her own body to steal the other woman’s look (enter breast implants, new hair-do, starvation, and a wardrobe full of sky-high heels & bikinis). Leann Rimes must have the emptiest heart on earth. She had a great husband, and enough money to live her life however she wanted to, but she chose to steal someone else’s. She’s pathetic. A lot has been written about her… that she’s psychotic (we know), that she’s ugly (obviously), but I think the bottom line is that some people are truly evil. God help those children.