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LeAnn Rimes Is Getting A New Tattoo!

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Do you see those little words there on LeAnn‘s ribcage? Well, that’s not THE tattoo, it’s just a stencil she had done to see if she liked it, which she did, so she’s going to get the ink sometimes later this month. What does the future tattoo say, you might ask? It’s a line from the wedding vows Eddie Cibrian made to her:

“You gave me the courage to be truthful, I promise to give you the comfort to be trustful.”

I’m not an expert on LeAnn and Eddie’s relationship or anything (I am really, really close though), but isn’t this a little silly? Does anyone else read this line as “no, it’s cool, I’m not going to cheat on YOU, babe,” or is that just me?

Also, people who have tattoos: won’t this hurt like hell on LeAnn’s extra bony ribcage?

Image courtesy of E! Online

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  • I’m pretty sure that’ll hurt a lot, the one across my spine and shoulder blades hurt. And yeah, that’s exactly what those vows mean. How long do you think before she regrets it?

  • I have 3 tattoos along my ribs – and they hurt. A lot. While your being tattooed in that area they normally need to lean their weight of one arm on you too so you have an elbow in your ribs plus outline work… it’s going to kill her lol