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Nicole Richie: The Evolution

photo of hot nicole richie through the years 2011 pics

Nicole Richie was always one of those celebrities who fascinated me. When she was younger, I thought, “Man. This girl is going to have the world by the balls, since she’s Lionel Richie’s kid and all.” (Sorry, I was a product of the eighties, and being Lionel Richie’s kid during that decade must have been like having frigging Jem or Michael J. Fox as a parent.) Then, when she moved onto The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, I thought, “Ew. What a gross, self-indulgent, obnoxious twat,” and I felt sorry for Lionel. However? After she hit rock bottom riding in the metaphorical passenger seat of Paris’s hellbound freight car, battled a pretty severe eating disorder, then came into her own right and raised a perfectly lovely family, I have to say that my respect for Nicole has gone up, like, quadruple.

Check out the recent photos of Nicole at last night’s Sephora event, and the photos of Nicole through the years in the gallery.

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  • She looks great now but she needs to stop pretending to be blonde. She went from trashy to classy.

  • umm her natural hair color is kinda blonde ish, grey eyes, not too dark brown or light blond (what she has now) but it’s in the middle but it’s def. kinda blond lol