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Nicole Richie is crazy about dieting

nicole richie

It’s a shame to see that Nicole Richie seems to be falling back into some pretty bad patterns when it comes to her health and diet. Obviously I don’t know the girl so I have no idea what her skeletal frame is due to – whether it’s an eating disorder, cocaine, a metabolism that seems to have gone off the charts seemingly out of nowhere, other health problems, etc. It’s pretty well-known within the Hollywood community, however, that she’s got a problem when it comes to food – and it’s apparently one she’s passing on to her kids, unfortunately :(

From Showbiz Spy (via National Enquirer):

“Joel likes to treat their kids to a burger or an ice cream cone once a week, but Nicole won’t allow it anymore,” revealed a source.

“She even brings her self-harvested produce and hard-boiled eggs from her hens to restaurants and insists that chefs make her meals with them.”

Nicole — who is mom to daughter Harlow, 6, and son Sparrow, 4 — insists that eating by her rules is the only way to ensure that her family isn’t being exposed to dangerous pesticides or genetically modified foods. She currently grows apples, blueberries, lemons, strawberries, butter lettuce, arugula, snap peas, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, mint, thyme, oregano and sage at the family’s California home.

“Although she has always denied eating disorders, Nicole’s friends can’t help but wonder whether she’s slipping into the grips of one now,” the source noted.

“Joel is at his wits’ end over her weird food ways and even more concerned that she’s passing on her quirky habits to their kids.”

Look, newspapers print absolute bullshit all the time, and there’s certainly a pretty large percentage of a chance that this is just that. However, from what little I know about her, it doesn’t seem all that far-fetched. I just hope she can get herself together soon, for her sake and for her kids.

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Here’s Nicole Richie Rapping About Gluten-Free Spaghetti

Yes, this is a thing. Nicole Richie loves gluten-free spaghetti (of course she does) so much that she’s felt the need to rap about it. She apparently really likes rap music, so she’s decided to make a go of it herself, and spaghetti is the first thing she thought to write about for her web series, #CandidlyNicole.

If you think I’m kidding, think again – she’s currently putting together her “Nikki Rich” mixtape with some dude called Ebone Hoodrich (not his birth name, one would assume). Here’s an amazing line from the song

“Now, normally when I’m home I make a lot of gluten-free dishes… like ‘chillin in my crib makin’ gluten-free spaghetti”

Yup. Cute, I guess?