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Can We Talk About How Beautiful Nicole Richie is for a Minute?

photo of nicole richie 2012 fifi awards pictures
Because wow. Motherhood and marriage and, you know, maturity have done amazing things for this girl right here, guys.

These photos were taken at the 2012 FiFi Awards, which is held annually to honor the best in the year’s fragrances, held in New York City each year. Here’s a shortlist of the “important” winners, but you can check out other categories and their winners here.

Luxe Women
Tom Ford Violet Blonde – Tom Ford Beauty

Luxe Men
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme – P&G Prestige

Nouveau Niche Women
Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge – Private Blend – Tom Ford Beauty

Nouveau Niche Men
Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge – Private Blend – Tom Ford Beauty

Media Campaign – Men
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme – P&G Prestige

Media Campaign – Women
Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel

Fragrance Hall Of Fame: Women’s
24 Faubourg – Hermès, Beauté Prestige International

Fragrance Hall Of Fame: Men’s
Acqua di Gio – Giorgio Armani Beauty

I’m a smell-junkie. Seriously. I’m a candle, lotion, perfume freak. And I love that two of my favorite fragrance designers won in their respective categories this year, and those two designers would be Chanel and Tom Ford. See, my three staple fragrances are Chanel’s Mademoiselle, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid (ohmygod have you ever), and Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, even though that’s, like, *so* 2001. I also love Theirry Mugler’s Angel, but ever since I saw that stupid promo that Eva Mendes did for Angel, I’m a bit turned off and, truth be told, it’s probably the subconscious reason that I haven’t bought Angel in probably a year or more. Ugh, right? You know you’re in a bad way when Eva Mendes dictates your personal preferences.

But anyway. Doesn’t Nicole Richie just look darling?

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