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Paris Hilton Was Almost Definitely Not Invited to Nicole Richie’s Wedding

Paris Hilton Ditched from Nicole Richie's Wdding Invite List

The NY Post reported today that at least one of the faces you’d expect to see at Nicole Richie’s wedding didn’t even make the guest list: Paris Hilton.

From the Post:

“Nicole’s wedding will be super small, and a lot of people who have played a role in her life like Paris have been cut from the guest list. She’s keeping the dress a secret and hasn’t even told her bridesmaids who the designer is. Christina, who ironically is going through a divorce, will be performing a song. She has been a good friend and wants to be there for Nicole.”

I wouldn’t take the lack of invite as a diss on Nicole’s part, though. The two haven’t appeared in public together in forever, and while they are most likely cordial, I doubt the two communicate often. Plus, remember how weird that was when Nicole started dating Joel and Paris immediately went for his brother, Benji Madden? Awkkkward. No one needs to deal with all that the day of their wedding.