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The Hutchisons Are Getting A Reality Show. Yes.

Did you squeal too? I think I squealed. I don’t know, I made some sound when I heard this news that made my little guinea pig run back inside his house. But anyway, how glorious is this? My new favorite celebrities and models for soulmates, Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden, are getting their very own reality show! And it’s about damn time.

I can’t embed the video where the Hutchisons reveal their reality show plans (it’s on Radar, and I strongly suggest you watch it), but rest assured that Courtney believes that “it’s going to be a reality show like no other. Out of this world.” Then again, it’s not finalized yet – the couple says that right now they’re being “seduced” by producers and they’re in talks of shopping it around to networks – but come on, who wouldn’t want this show to happen?

Other gems from the interview include, well, everything. At one point, Doug says “51 plus 16 equals love,” and Courtney corrects him with “51 plus 16 equals sexy love.” Really, have you ever seen this couple in action? They don’t even seem real. That’s why I included that interview above, just so you could see how outstandingly ridiculous a reality show would be. Really, just watch Courtney move her lips. It’s beautiful.

I’d watch the hell out of this show, what about you guys?

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  • Watched (part of) the interview on Radar. PULL UP YOUR STRAP, GIRL! Gawd! And stop pulling stupid faces you think Playgirls walk around with. Those are for photo shoots, not real life. You look idiotic!

  • Boyfriend and I decided a couple nights ago to rewatch X-Files from the beginning. I started squealing with delight when we got to the Doug Hutchison episode (it’s like the third episode ever). I told Derek, “X-Files really was the Law & Order of Creepy Actors.” Just, wow! Great casting!

    Anyway, here’s something I’ve been wondering for a little while now: Every time Doug Hutchison says something articulately, and then Courtney immediately rephrases the exact same thing poorly, does Doug Hutchison secretly fume? I think he does.

  • Jenn I’m wondering the same thing! There’s just this tension in his face every time she does that…maybe he’ll start rolling his eyes soon.

  • Ok…never mind them…who the hell is the guy interviewing them? he’s as strange as they are! Hell in a handbasket folks…hell in a handbasket.

  • I wonder how long it will take before he gets sick of her, leaves her, and she starts claiming he manipulated her poor young soul into all of this.

  • Oh, YEAH!!!!!! I’m giving in to my inner white trash and I’m going to be all over this show like flies on cowshit! Additionally, a warning for Pam Anderson: Check your rear-view, bitch, a new blond ‘ho is closing fast!

  • Watched both videos – totally worth it. However, I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that this whole thing is fake, and after their reality show they’ll come out and reveal that she’s actually late 20s, they’re not actually married, he’s not that cheesy (“maybe not to you, father, but… God. God connects us”. Ugh.) and she’s not that entirely vapid (“Oh, I love his face, and his body and his hair. That’s it”; and everything else that comes out of her mouth). Fake. Surely.

  • Ok, I actually find them (her, I should say) particularly amusing. However, I HAD to shut off that video because her STUPID tank top strap that kept falling off and she would pick up her shirt on the side but still leave the strap down… that just irritated the crap out of me! Is that wrong? Is it wrong that that’s the only reason I couldn’t watch it?

    • I noticed the same thing. It was just a reminder to everyone that her boobs are, in fact, still there. I am oddly fascinated with these two – as many people are! What a train wreck. I can’t wait until the “truth” is revealed. Is she really much older? Are they even really married? Are they both merely using each other as a way to be relevant? Let’s face it, Doug is utterly forgettable. I can only recall one movie he’s been in and THAT is his claim to fame. Sad.

  • Love the stripper heels…love them!….I find her amusing…I think there would be a lot to laugh at if i had 30 minutes to watch her talk and move her lips like they’re itching for something.

  • i enjoy harassing this broad and her dumb-as-shit fans on facebook. just sayin’.