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Blind Item: Glee And Cocaine!

Man, I don’t know what it is, but I sure do love blind items featuring cocaine! Not only that, but I love talking trash about Lea Michele, and with this particular blind item, I get to do both! Are you not so excited for me?!

Which Glee actress who does not think she has a coke problem is out of control with her coke problem. It will be interesting to see if she can make it through the season without rehab.

Lea.  Lea Lea Lea. Name me one other actress from Glee, and if you can actually do that, then name one whose bad attitude and bitch face can be at least partially explained by cocaine. Can you do it? All right, then I’m going to go ahead and christen Lea “Cokey von Crackstein, Dutchess of Methstonia.” Can you dig it?

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  • Jayma Mays or Naya Rivera. Lea cares too much about her singing voice to screw up her nasal passages, so I can’t see it being her.

    • Lea smokes, so I don’t think she cares that much. And her voice is not that great anyway. Glee has much better singers.

  • I think it is more likely Naya Rivera then Lea. Lea is career obsessed and coke is not great for a singers voice.
    (Whitney anyone??!!)

  • Lea for sure…I’ve read Naya had a problem in the past, but prior to her getting pregnant & becoming a mother she has hopefully stopped, but I’ve read more articles on Lea having more of a problem with Coke than Naya. But wait she was insisting Cory get help for his alleged drug problem hmmm???? Wow talk about double standard there. I liked her character Rachel Berry up until Season 4 when the diva, & her true colors really started to show. I’ll never forget the quote Santana told Rachel in Season 3 after they sang So Emotional as a duet, “You’re the only other person that would kill their Best Friend to get to the top”. Interesting quote wouldn’t you say? Poor Cory, I just hope he’s able to RIP knowing what really happened to him, & they all can say what they want & tarnish Cory’s name, but his true fans know better, there’s to many signs there that Cory had a mark on him from the get go. True is true & karma is a horrible thing, & I pray for those that it comes back around too. Don’t forget Rachel Berry/Lea Michelle’s famous favorite quote also “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. We all know Cory had way more fans than her, & he was more liked/loved than her as well, even in death he’ll still have more fans & ppl that care for him than she will ever have, but yes I believe it’s definitely Lea who has the Coke problem. Ryan Murphy who claims to care for her needs to step in & intervene & demand she go to rehab as well, just like he made Cory because he claimed to care so much, or was that for him to be reprogrammed? Lea must still be willing to do whatever she needs to do, so I guess it’s not time for her to go to rehab huh???? Cory you are still in our thoughts, may you RIP.