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Quotables: Lea Michele Is So Special and Precious to This World

A photo of Lea Michele

“I knew I wasn’t going to end up on a Disney half-hour show. I mean, look at me! I don’t look like those girls. I just wanted to do a guest spot, like on Grey’s Anatomy.”

-Lea Michele in the March issue of Cosmopolitan.

Ugh, Lea, I know, right? Look at you! Ok, snark aside though, I think this quote could definitely be read as “I look vaguely ethnic and Disney isn’t really into that.”  And that’s a totally fair point, and that’s probably how she meant it.  But putting those snark goggles back on, hush your stupid mouth, Lea Michele.  If a variety of people think that you need to check yourself, it’s usually because that’s precisely what you need to do.

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