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Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are United on a Crazy Front

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I’m not going to judge (too) much, but how nuts is this photo? No one’s quite forgotten all of the crazy that Charlie engaged in after leaving Two and a Half Men, what with his coke suitcase and gonorrhea goddesses, and didn’t Brooke Mueller just relapse, like, a week ago? These two are definitely a match made in unstable addict hell, but nonetheless, they’re trying to unite and maintain “harmony” for the sake of their two, heartbreakingly adorable, young boys, and I’m not sure whether I should feel all warm and fuzzy because of it, or if I should go and call family services – like how a hundred other concerned citizens probably have at this point.

As for the kids, they look as confused and concerned over the whole thing as I feel. That’s got to be tough right there.

Image courtesy of TMZ

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