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I Don’t Know If You’ve Heard How Adorable Ryan Gosling Is Today

Oh, you mean we gave you a link already today? Oh. Well. How about that.

If you’ll remember, all the way back in December we showed you a clip of Ryan Gosling learning about a Tumblr dedicated to his beauty and grace. And obviously it was too good to let die, so the same brilliant interviewer decided to revive it. And man, if Ryan Gosling isn’t the most adorable, then you tell me what is. And then I’ll probably just die, because really, something more precious than this man?

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  • i used to love ryan gosling but i can’t watch him anymore
    because the guy who broke my heart looks so much like him…
    poor me :/

    • well lala, we must have been in love with the same guy because ryan gosling is a spitting image of the guy who callously broke MY heart too. the eyes, the hair, the body, the smile – everything. i can’t watch the notebook anymore, lol. oh well, karma comes around eventually ;)

  • Wow, I never realized how much he resembles Alec Baldwin (in his younger years) especially in that picture with the longer hair.