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Ryan Gosling Reads Tumblr Posts, Confirms That He Knows That You Know He’s Beautiful

Are you guys hip to Tumblr?  If not, I’ll let you in on this neat little trick: Seriously, fill anything into the blank – unicorns, popcorn, Jesus Christ – and you’ll get a blog devoted to that topic.  So obviously, there’s a Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling Tumblr, what with him being so dreamy and all.  I don’t know if the fact that he knows about it should blow my mind so much, but it really does.  It also opens the door to so very many questions.

If you knew that people were on the internet putting romantic captions on pictures of you, would you check it out?  If so, would it creep you out or boost your game?  And what’s next, Adam Lambert giving dramatic readings of poorly written fan fiction from Livejournal?

This is just a sample of the tough questions I’ve been trying to tackle today, but I only have one new certainty:  Ryan Gosling is beautiful and charming and possibly my new favorite person. We can discuss this in the comments, right?

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  • I think for someone who doesn’t engage or hasn’t engaged in doing hilarious internet shenanigans like tumblr or other crap, they would probably be a little creeped, but if someone WAS aware, it would be a good chuckle I think. It’s always nice to know someone likes you.