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Stephen Colbert Has The Best “It Gets Better” Video

It’s just clips for days around here, huh? But really, how am I supposed to help it? Hot vampire sex and Ryan Gosling giggling – I have a soul, you know. I can’t keep those things all to myself.

But anyway, you guys know how much I love Stephen Colbert, right? And you guys should know how much I love, like, love and equality and that sort of thing. So of course the combination of those two things just sets my heart aglow.

What’s your favorite “It Gets Better” video? Are you completely over them, or do you think they still serve a purpose? Let’s talk about the issues, people.

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  • This was a good video. I though it was going to be funny though cause that’s how he usually approaches things.
    I hope kids actually do realize that it does get better, people stop caring about such little petty issues and their minds broaden.

  • That was precious. I adore Stephen Colbert so, so much.

    I never dealt with bullying in high school, because my high school was unreasonably awesome, despite being in the Bible belt. Even the conservative minority were nice to gay people. It was only hearing friends’ high school memories when I was in college that clued me in that there was still anti-gay bullying in high schools. It’s awful. I’m glad that people like Stephen Colbert have given this their attention.