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GQ Names Their Men of the Year, I’m Like “Eh”

A photo of Jeff Bridges on GQ

Yesterday, GQ named Scarlett Johansson their Babe of the Year, and that’s fine.  That’s totally fair.  But today they announced their Men of the Year and for the most part, I just don’t get it.

Jeff Bridges’ official title is Icon of the Year, and maybe I’m young and naive, but why?  Is it because of the new TRON movie? Is it a nod to his work in The Last Unicorn?  It’s probably because of how Crazy Heart was all over the Oscars like a bad case of crabs, isn’t it?  Yeah, that’s probably why.

Then there’s Drake, who’s been named the Breakout of the Year, and I just don’t know who he is.  I mean, I know he sang some songs, but let’s be real, the only time I would have heard of any currently popular hip hop artist would be at the gay bar, and it’s not like I’d ever go up to the DJ and ask for names because I’m always way too focused on my margarita and on talking to this guy who likes to sing Disney songs to me and then pretend like I didn’t notice that he just snorted something off his hand.  So I apologize, Drake, but I’m sure you’d understand.

Next is James Franco, whose work I’m actually familiar with, as the Leading Man of the Year.  I’m pretty sure this is because everyone thinks he’s going to get an Oscar for 127 Hours. Has anyone seen that?  From what I’ve read, it’s pretty gruesome and also not that great.  Whatever, GQ is about ten years too late anyway.  Remember Freaks and Geeks?  Exactly.

Finally, Stephen Colbert is the Patriot of the Year, and this is by far my favorite.  I don’t understand how one could not love Stephen Colbert, and I might go as far as to say that he deserves higher honors, such as the sole GQ cover or perhaps something of the Nobel variety.

What do you guys think about GQ’s list?  Do you have cruel words for me because of my Drake ignorance?  Are there men who have been tragically overlooked?  Tell me all about it, guys.

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    • I’m with you juju…I’ve been in love w/Jeff Bridges for years. My kids (yeah – -I’m old) call him my ‘boyfriend’ and if you don’t think he’s sexy in The Fabulous Baker Boys — from way back when – then we have nothing to say to one another.

  • I find it funny that you write for a gossip blog yet are not very familiar with Drakes music. You don’t need to be going to clubs you just need to pay attention to the television you are obviously watching. But I do agree Jeff Bridges???

  • I thought that Drake did rap, not music, but I’m unfamiliar also. I SO don’t care about him. At all.

    Jeff Bridges is totally old. Not sure why he’s such a big deal. Unless it’s The Last Unicorn, which was and always will be a big deal to me.

    Totally with you on James Franco and Stephen Colbert. They are both amazing. Also, I love how you wrote this post. Please do continue.

  • I totally disagree!!!! Jeff Bridges is incredibly talented and versatile! He is the first person I have ever seen “win” something like this that isn’t some lame, underachieving, young hunk. Seriously, someone actually respectable wins this and you are disappointed???

  • I’m disappointed in James Franco for this picture. Just because he played James Dean in a movie does not mean that world associates them together. He is doing the pose from a very well known picture of Dean, and it’s disappointing that he is being named an icon, but he went and copied an actual American Icon.

    And I’m extremely happy that Jeff Bridges won. He has been in movies for decades and is an actor that actual lasts through each generation and any kind of movie possible. He is an amazing actor and I don’t think they could have picked a better person.

    And as for Drake, he shouldn’t even be on this list. His “music” is not very great and has done little to inspire anyone or to even be thought of as an icon. I’m disappointed in this list. The only two that should be on here are Stephen Colbert, whom I don’t care for but I can see why he is an icon (I would have much rather have seen Jon Stewert) and Jeff Bridges.

  • How could you be writing entertainment articles/articles related to nicki minaj and not know Drake?
    you must be very old….
    or white.

  • you do realize that two different people wrote those articles, right? plus, she probably doesn’t know him because, like me, she has good taste in music

  • I’m not a fan of Drakes music, nor do I think he should get the title of Breakout of the Year, but he has had an impact on pop culture. Then again, our writer isn’t too ‘popular’ either so maybe she’s just not keeping up with the times. Or her job.

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